OLIVE COOLIDGE Correspondence 1941 August Pine Mountain Employment Invitation

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Olive Coolidge, Nurse Assistant, 1941-1942
Olive Coolidge (1920-2008)
August Correspondence 1941
Pine Mountain Application and 
Acceptance Records

OLIVE COOLIDGE Correspondence

168 Olive Coolidge Correspondence: Telegram accepting PMSS position. [image00168.jpg]

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OLIVE COOLIDGE Correspondence 1941 August Pine Mountain Invitation

OLIVE COOLIDGE Correspondence 1941-1942


The correspondence listed below is related to Olive Coolidge’s application to be hired as a nurse’s assistant in the Infirmary at the Pine Mountain Settlement School. See the biography for OLIVE COOLIDGE for more information. The documents are part of the Pine Mountain Settlement School original holdings.

All letters from Pine Mountain Settlement School staff to Miss Coolidge and others were typewritten carbon copies, often unsigned, and meant for the office files. The recipients received the signed original letters.

149 [image00149-scaled.jpg] Evaluation form from reference, page 1.
150 [image00150-scaled.jpg] Evaluation form from reference, page 2.
151 [image00151-scaled.jpg] To reference from Glyn Morris, Director of PMSS August 12, 1941.
152 [image00152-scaled.jpg] Evaluation form from reference, page 1.
153 [image00153-scaled.jpg] Evaluation form from reference, page 2.
154 [image00154-scaled.jpg] To (Mrs. John C. [Olive Dame] Campbell) from Glyn Morris.
155 [image00155-scaled.jpg] To Glyn Morris from reference (Olive Dame Campbell at John C. Campbell Folk School).
156 [image00156-scaled.jpg] Recommendation form from reference, page 1.
157 [image00157-scaled.jpg] Recommendation form from reference, page 2.
158 [image00158.jpg] To Glyn Morris from Olive Dame Coolidge, West Medford, Massachusetts, June 22, 1941. Page 1. Coolidge expresses her interest in a position at Pine Mountain in teaching or publicity work. She earned a degree in sociology at Wellesley; describes her experiences in publicity work and other jobs; learned about the “Southern Mountains through study and travel there and through my aunt, Mrs. John C. Campbell.”
159 [image00159.jpg] To Glyn Morris from Olive D. Coolidge, page 2. Provides names of references and location of her credentials.
160 [image00160.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter to Miss Coolidge from [unsigned], responding for Glyn Morris, June 25, 1941. Encloses application blank.
161 [image00161.jpg] To “Sirs” from Olive D. Coolidge at DH Ranch, Jelm, Wyoming, July 23, 1941. Returns completed application blank.
162 [image00162.jpg] To Coolidge in West Medford, MA, from [unsigned] Secretary, July 28, 1941. Informs Coolidge that her letter and application have been received.
163 [image00163.jpg] To “Sirs” from Coolidge in Albuquerque, NM, August 3, 1941. Encloses her photograph.
164 [image00164.jpg] To Coolidge in West Medford, MA, from [unsigned, likely Morris], August 18, 1941. Page 1. Morris thanks her for her application and letters. “I know your aunt, Mrs. Campbell, of course, and admire her and her work.” Describes the only PMSS vacancy, that of helping the nurse (Grace M. Rood) in the hospital (Infirmary); explains the Health Association; encloses analysis of the job and school literature.
165 [image00165.jpg] To Coolidge from Morris [unsigned], August 18, 1941. Page 2. Morris delineates how the position would add to her experience as well as benefit the School and community.
166 [image00166.jpg] Typewritten Western Union telegram to Morris from Coolidge in Nantucket, MA, August 18, 1941. Coolidge is interested in the position but has to “await other developments shortly before definite reply.
167 [image00167.jpg] To Mrs. John C. Campbell at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC, August 19, 1941, from [unsigned, likely Glyn Morris]. The letter thanks Mrs. Campbell for returning the recommendation form and explains the position for which her niece (Olive Coolidge) is applying:

…[T]he position we have in mind for your niece is that of nurse’s helper — which involve[s] assisting with simple nursing procedures, helping with the Infirmary record-keeping, relieving at the Infirmary when the nurse is away, possibly accompanying the doctor occasionally when he makes call in the community, etc., but unfortunately it is one for which we can pay only a nominal salary.

To Mrs. John C. Campbell in Brasstown, NC, [unsigned] likely from Glyn Morris, August 19, 1941.

168 [image00168.jpg] Telegram to Morris from Coolidge in Nantucket, MA, August 21, 1941, stating that  “I definitely would like to apply for position described....”
169 [image00169.jpg] To Mr. James S. Crutchfield in Pittsburgh, PA, [unsigned], likely Morris, August 26, 1941. Carbon copies to Miss [Evelyn K.] Wells and Professor Swift. Encloses “confidential information on Miss Olive D. Coolidge, whom we should like to engage as an assistant to Miss Rood for the salary of $25.00 per month.” The letter suggests that Crutchfield and Swift advise Miss Wells and that she inform Morris. The letter also describes the need for an office assistant:

… Miss Rood’s work has become increasingly heavy because of the added use of the Infirmary by the community. We do not feel that we can afford another trained nurse, although this may be necessary in the future. Miss Rood feels that a responsible person can be of ample assistance for the present, however. The duties involved are enclosed in the Work Analysis for Untrained Workers at Hospital.

To Mr. James S. Crutchfield from [unsigned], likely Glyn Morris, August 26, 1941.

170 [image00170.jpg] To Coolidge in Nantucket, MA, from [unsigned], likely Glyn Morris, August 27, 1941. Morris is sending a recommendation to hire Coolidge to the Board of Trustees for their confirmation; asks about arrival date, explaining that she would be needed when both Miss Rood and her nurse substitute will be away mid-September. He also asks Coolidge to call Miss Rood and schedule a meeting to discuss the work, needs, and travel instructions. The School would be paying Coolidge’s travel expenses.
171 Missing or non-existent
172 [image00172.jpg] Duplicate of image #169.
173 [image00173.jpg] WORK ANALYSIS FOR UNTRAINED WORKER AT HOSPITAL: Aims, Hours, Regular Duties, Nursing procedures, General housework, Supplies, Bookkeeping. Also,

Besides the regular routine duties, there are many things of interest which a person may do, from making studies of medical work in the mountains to simpler studies of family life. Thee are many opportunities for learning about people, how the people in the mountains are born, live and die.

Work Analysis for Untrained Worker at Hospital. [image00173.jpg]

174 [image00174.jpg] and 175 [image00175.jpg] Pages 1 and 2 of handwritten letter from Evelyn Wells to Morris, September 1, [no year]. Letter of recommendation: “…a fine girl and might grow into an asset in other ways. … She is the staunch reliable sort.”
176 [image00176.jpg] Telegram to Morris from Coolidge in Staunton, VA, September 3, 1941. She missed the interview with Miss Rood; asks if an interview is essential; states when she can arrive at Pine Mountain.
177 [image00177.jpg] and 178 [image00178.jpg] Pages 1 and 2 of handwritten letter to Morris from Coolidge in Staunton, VA, September 4, 1941. She is pleased to come to Pine Mountain for a year; explains how she missed Miss Rood and asks how she may still meet with her; asks for train directions.
179 [image00178.jpg] Telegram to Coolidge in Staunton, VA, from Morris, September 4, 1941, stating preferred arrival date, contingent on Trustees’ response.
180 [image00180.jpg] Telegram to Coolidge in Staunton, VA, from Morris, September 4, 1941. “Unusual delay because of vacations in receiving confirmation of your appointment.” He suggests Coolidge come to PMSS anyway “on unofficial appointment.” Gives travel directions.
181 [image00181.jpg] Telegram to Morris from Coolidge in Staunton, VA, September 8, 1941, announcing arrival date in Staunton, VA.
182 [image00182.jpg] Note from [unsigned, likely Morris] to Coolidge, September 15, 1941, stating that her appointment is official; will receive memo from Miss  [Barbara] Spelman.
183 [image00183.jpg] Handwritten letter to Morris from “Olive” on PMSS stationery, no date, reporting that she is going to Washington for the weekend.
184 [image00184.jpg] MEMORANDUM, September 30, 1941, recording that PMSS paid Coolidge $25 for September and explaining the reason she was paid in full even though she arrived September 9.
185 [image00185.jpg] MEMORANDUM, no date:

Miss Olive Coolidge is engaged by the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc. for the school year 1941-42 as assistant to the school nurse. Her salary is $25.00 per month plus maintenance and laundry. She is entitled to two weeks’ vacation with pay during the Christmas holidays.


186 [image00186.jpg] Two documents: (1) Christmas Vacation Memorandum, stating dates that Coolidge will be away. (2) A handwritten note from THE OFFICE: “Telegram: Olive Coolidge. By all means don’t fool with ear trouble. Will look for you here unless the Dr. thinks that Brasstown journey is all right. Father.” [Richard Coolidge, Olive’s father.]
187 [image00187.jpg], 188 [image00188.jpg] and 189 [image00189.jpg] Pages 1 – 3 of a handwritten letter to Morris from Coolidge in West Medford, MA, January 6, 1942, explaining that the lateness of her letter is due to her suffering from the “grippe.” She then states that she cannot stay at PMSS through June as she “plans to be married earlier and would like to be home for most of the spring.” She can return for February to assist Miss Rood; asks about PMSS news and Dr. Nutter.
190 [image00190.jpg] DUPLICATE OF #189.
191 [image00191.jpg] To “Olive” from [unsigned, likely Glyn Morris], January 12, 1942. Regrets learning of Coolidge’s illness and that she will not be finishing the year at PMSS, “but we all recognize that many people are making unusual adjustments now. In any case we are thankful you will come back for a time….”

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