Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: PMSS Publications (Published by the School)

PINE CONE 1937  – May, October, December

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CONTENT: PINE CONE – MAY 1937, Vol. 4 No. 5

Page 1
“Special Senior Edition” — “Novel Commencement”

“1937 Graduating Class” [Anna Anderson, Alta Collins, Lavinia Carroll, Celia Holmes, Nan Milan, Georgia Ayers, Corbett Hoskins, Marion Turner, Tom Madon, Clyde Blanton]
“Senior Will”
“Senior Prophecy”

Page 2
“THE PINE CONE – The Student Publication of the Pine Mountain Settlement School”
Clyde Blanton – Editor
School News – Georgia Ayers
Interesting Items – Lawrence Kelly
Community News – Marion Turner
Sports – Wilbur Wilder, Bill Hayes
Literary Editor – Alta Collins
Clerical Assistant – Lavinia Carroll
Printers – Lawrence Kelly, Elmer Bailey

“A Last Word”
“Co-Op Makes Short Business Report: Share Holders Realize Large Savings”

Page 3
“Senior Will (Continued from page 1)”
“Senior Class Sponsors: A Panoramic Review, 1936 – 1937. Featuring Mr. August Angel as the Town Crier.” [program and evening program]

Page 4
“Senior Prophecy (Continued from page 1)”
“Commencement Program (The Chapel, Pine Mountain Settlement School)”


CONTENT – October 1937, Vol. 5 No. 1

Page 1
“[Guidance] Institute Held” [Chairman: Dr. O. Latham Hatcher, President, Southern Women’s Education Alliance. Consultants: Mr. [Glyn] Morris, director, Mr. [Arthur] Dodd, principal, Mr. [Everett] Wilson, counselor.]

“Community Day” [Announcer: Mr. Burkhard.]
“Student Co-Op Organized for Second Time: Math Class in Charge” [John Blanton, senior partner; Pauline Frost, junior partner; Miss [Gladys] Hill, advisor.]

“New Work Shop” [Improvements to Draper Memorial building]

Page 2
“THE PINE CONE: The Student Publication of the Pine Mountain Settlement School”
Lawrence Kelly – Editor
School News – Lucille Christian
Interesting Items – Lawrence Kelly
Community News – Stella Taylor
Sports – John Blanton
Literary Editor – Mable Weaver
Printers – John Blanton, Lawrence Kelly

“Welcoming the New Students”
Then [poem by Miss McDavid, Housemother at Old Log in 1930]
“And Now” [Changes brought by the building of the road.]

“Interesting Items – Lawrence Kelly”
Words and errors; origin of doughnut hole; Dictator Stalin’s precautions; use of radio waves by the Queen Mary.

Page 3

The Pickle and the PepperRuth Christian [poem]
A Frog Jumps – J.T. Harber [short story]
As I Look Back [memories of hunting the cows]
The Hillside Stream – Lawrence Kelly
Migos [short story]
The Laughter of Spring – Mable Weaver [poem]

Page 4


CONTENT – December 1937, Vol. 5 No. 1

Front Cover
“The Pine Cone: Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky”
Back Cover
“Pen Sketch by Ruby Ayers”

Pages 1-2
Editor – Lawrence Kelly
Associates: Lucille Christian, Stella Taylor, Mabel Weaver and John Blanton
Contributors – Ruth Shuler, Maxine Holbrook, Ruby Ayers, Wayne Browning

‘Set-up and printed by Students of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky.”

“Work” [the proper manner of doing assigned work]

Pages 2-3
“Workbench Glamor” – Harlan Enterprise [white-collar vs blue-collar work]
“–Fashion Notes–” [popularity of parkas and neckties on campus]
“Open House Day” [visiting day at Zande House, Far House, Laurel House, Infirmary, Practice House, Farm House, Big Log, Boy’s House]
“Miss [Gladys] Atwell Visits” [campus seamstress in 1936]
“Clinics Held at Pine Mountain [physical examinations for 9 rural schools held at PMSS by Dr. Mullen, Dr. Newdorp, Dr. Miller; dental service by Dr. Mayhall, Dr. Craft, Dr. Jones and Dr. Congleton; assisted by Miss Snyder, school nurse]
“Post Cards” [describes Kodak Club’s photographs of P.M. scenes for postcards, directed by Mr. [Arthur] Dodd]

Pages 4-5
“Thanksgiving Day Guests” [Mr. Everett Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. August Angel, former P.M. workers]
“Campus Mystery” [secretive construction by Group B boys]
“New Teacher” [Miss (Annie Lee) Goins, Home Economics] Assembly Entertainment” [describes performance by the Ballad Club]
“Old Log” [history of oldest building on campus]
“Work Day” [preparing campus for Christmas holiday]
“The Pack Horse Library” [Nan Milan visits rural schools and homes with books and magazines]
“Girls Present Play” [“A Dress to Dance In” at Schoolhouse assembly room, directed by Mr. Morris, played by Lucille Christian, Stella Taylor, June Hall.]
“The Gilly 4-H Club” [meeting at Line Fork Cabin]
“Line Fork News” [Mr. James “Doc” Metcalf has pneumonia; Mr. and Mrs. Irving Browning has new son, Daniel; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lewis has new daughter]

Page 6-7
“Butter” [history of butter as a food product and buying hint]
“Bread for the Consumers” [characteristics, food value]
“These Colds” [avoiding and treating colds; Press Bulletin from Maryland Dept. of Health]
Mist – Miss E[dith] Cold [poem]