PINE CONE 1933 November

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 17: Publications PMSS

PINE CONE 1933 November, Vol 1, No. 3

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Mr. [Glyn] Morris Touring New England States. Gone Month visiting friends of school”
“Dr. Weeks Guest of School. Accompanied by Five Berea Students”
“Thanksgiving Day Program Enjoyed”
“Student Minstrel Show a Huge Success”
Miss Christensen Returns Home”

Miss Abbey Christenson [Abbie Winch Christensen], left for her home in South Carolina Nov. 11. Although vacationing at Big Laurel, she has been teaching dancing and helping Mr. Morris with the Medical Settlement program.

Mrs. Roosevelt Buys Fireside Industries Product. Community Made Brooms to be Xmas Presents”
“Board Members Spend Week at School” (Evelyn Wells, Dorothy Bolles)
“Halloween Party” (at Laurel House)


“A New Experiment” ($25,000,000 to help move unemployed families from cities to country)
“The League of Nations”
“Gold Mining Booms”
Austrian farmers’ cows painted with swastikas

“Learning of Sea Coast Life by Novel Correspondence” (PMSS juniors and seniors corresponding with Williams Memorial Institute, New London, CT, encouraged by Sally Loomis, former PMSS teacher now at the Institute.)

Page 2

Editorial Staff
“Friends” (Cooperative spirit encouraged with community)
“Grades” (Encouraging students to improve their grades)
“FROM THE SCHOOL ROOM – Essays by the Students”

Marvin Lucas – Whispering Valley
Grace Turner – A Loom

“A Soft Answer” and other jokes

Page 3

“Sport Teams Fighting for Places and Letters. Intramurals well under way with keen competition between teams”
“Manual Training Department”
“Fireside Industries Department”
“The Dairy Cow. Its Importance and Way for Good Breeding. A Farm Article of Timely Interest to All Who Farm”


Winfield Cornett ’33 is in Boston, MA
Eva Lewis in college at Berea
Shackleford ’33 if following wheat harvest in Middle West

Lucy Schroeder ’33 is attending school at Richmond, Ky

Page 4

“Big Laurel News” (Mr. Morris, Mr. [Arthur] Dodd, Mr. [August] Angel, Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis, Mr. [Samuel] Winfrey, R.F.C. road gang, bridge over Big Laurel)

“Medical Settlement Opened at Big Laurel” (Morris, Dodd, Angel, basketball, speedball, Community House, lectures by Faulkner, Angel, and Miss Malan.)

NYC slum is being replaced by model housing development.

“R.F.C. Working Again. Big Laurel-Pine Mt. Road Being Improved”

E.H. Sothern, Shakesperean actor, died.

“Another Boy Born on School Grounds” (Glynn Morris Cornett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornett of Harlan Co.)

“Logging Line Fork. Timber Being Cut and Hauled.” (Mr. Roark was owner of timber that was hauled to Inter Mountain Coal and Lumber Co. railroad)

“Assembly Debate” (Resolved that: “Socialism as a form of government is superior to capitalism.” Decided in favor of the affirmative. Glenn Napier, Alice Minyard, Clara Moore, Bruce Estepp, Wilma Creech, George Malicoat)

“Assembly Hour Great Success. Varied Program Given to Students” (Original works by English students, debates, discussions of contemporary news, reports by Contemporary History students, descriptions of vocational department activities, and lectures by Miss Bird, Mr. [James] Faulkner and Miss Frenyear.)

“Over the top with N.R.A.” (Editorial cartoon)

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