Pine Mountain Settlement School



                PHILIP ROETTINGER ALBUM – PART III  (incomplete)
                PHILIP ROETTINGER  (Biography)                           

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001 The children and their playmate. [15 children on stone steps with porch in background; Older man, Philip Roettinger?, in back row and young man in center.] ; 002a Dillon, April 29, 1915. Starting in. [Two men, woman and boy. Younger man attaching luggage to one of two mules. Older man is Philip Roettinger?] ; 002b Down the road. [Two men, one man riding on one of two mules, woman and boy walking down dirt road with backs to camera. Railroad tracks to right?] ; 003a [Big Log; from a distance.] ; 003b Big Log House [Close up from side with chimney.] 004a [Old Log House from across the campus, one figure in front of the building, two figures off to the right.] 004b Old Log House. [Up close.] 005a Old Log House from yon side the walk-log ; 005b Old Log House from Pine Knoll ; 006a The valley from Uncle John’s toward the school ; 006b The ford and the walk-log. [A wooden plank set across a small ford.] ; 007a A bit of mountain road. [Piles of leaves to the right, trees in the back.] ; 007b Our reception. [Building with wooden fence in front. Three young boys standing atop fence, 15 standing in front of fence: two women in back row on left, man in back row center, Philip Roettinger? middle row, the rest children.] ; 008a John Lewis and “Jim.” [John Lewis standing to the right of a mule, mule’s head behind Lewis’.] ; 008b Ethel on “John.” [Ethel sitting on a mule, John Lewis? standing in front of the mule.] ; 009a Part of the school farm. ; 009b The living room of the Big Log House. [Bookcases with an animal pelt hanging on the wall above.] ; 010a Pole House from meadow ;  10b Pole House. [Up close.] ; 011a View from the Pole House window ; 011b [View from Pole House window of mountain and trees.] ; 012a [Mountain road, dirt path surrounded by trees.] ; 012b Old Mr. Man on Pole House. [Philip Roettinger sitting on porch.] ; 012c View of valley from Pole House ; 013a The road above Joe Day’s. [Dirt road on left, tree stump on right.] ; 013b [Dirt road on right winding through trees.] ; 014 Uncle William Creech, Founder of Pine Mountain Settlement School. [In front of his cabin?, standing with rifle over shoulder and walking stick.] ; 015a Uncle William and Aunt Sal digging “pie plant.” [William Creech, Aunt Sal, his wife, and two young boys in field.] ; 015b The Postmaster. [Standing on porch of post office?] ; 015c Uncle William and little William. [William Creech holding toddler boy, young girl and toddler girl standing to the right.] ; 016a Brit, one of the grandchildren. [Wooden fence in background.] ; 016b Aunt Sal. [Sitting with butter churner? in a kitchen.] ;017a Aunt Sal and the little flax wheel, “money couldn’t buy her.” ; 017b Aunt Sal and Columbus. [In front of the Creech cabin?] ; 018a Uncle William giving a lesson in spreading flax. [William Creech, standing in back, and 9 children in the field.] ; 018b Uncle William giving a lesson in spreading flax. [William Creech, standing, and nine children.] ; 018c “We don’t aim to leave nary a bit o’ dirt.” [Big rock in background, nine young boys sitting in a row, fifth from left with a broom.] ; 019a Charlie, the boy who smiles. [Young boy standing with wooden gates in background.] ; 019b Planting cow-peas in new ground. [One man and seven children planting on a hillside.] ; 020a Children from “down Greasy” at work. [One man and eight children in a working in a field, mountain in background.] ; 020b “We are jest bound to git out airy a weed.” [Three children working, dirt patch in foreground, trees in background.] ; 021a Chester, Barton, Christopher, and Wilson. [Planting blossoms.] ; 021b Planting Blossoms. [Christopher, Woman, Wilson, Chester, Barton?. Fence in background.] ; 022a John and his chest. [Young boy standing on stone stairs, hat on steps next to him, chest on right.] ; 022b Christopher (Fleet Foot). [Young boy standing in dirt in foreground, mountain in background.] ; 022c The best-beloved “Miss de Long, and her children, John, Christlie, Wilson, Charlie, Chester, Dosia, Barton. [Picture Missing]
023a Bertha, Alifair, and Mary Ann [Three women working, one in middle ironing, on a porch.]
023b Trancie Turner. [Standing amongst shrubbery.] ; 023c Bertha and Mallie. [Standing against a building.] ; 024a Alifair, our cook.[Young woman outside wearing dark dress and hat.] ; 024b Trancie Turner. [Young woman outside, light colored dress and dark hat.] ; 025a Munroe and Mary Ann. [Young boy and girl at the bottom of a flight of outdoor steps, three people in background at top of steps.] ; 025b Dewie Lewis, John and Charlie. [Three young boys sitting outside.] ; 026a The baseball field. [People playing baseball, trees in background.] ; 026c On the rock by the toolhouse – work times past. [Four young boys sitting on a rock.] ;026b Becky May Huff. [Young girl holding books? tied up, mule in background.] ; 027a The end of the May pole – Munroe, Charlie and the three Lewises. [Five boys: Two in the foreground on large logs, one standing by a pole in the back, and two climbing on the pole.] ; 027b A Race. [Four young boys running, surrounded by several piles of wood.] ; 028a Play time. [Four young boys pulling three others on a wagon, large pile of wood in background.] ; 028b Ethel, Chester, Christopher, Francis, Mary Ann, Wilson, Taylor and cats. [Woman and six children sitting on steps of Old Log House.] ; 029a On the walk-log. [Woman and six children: Ethel, Chester, Christopher, Francis, Mary Ann, Wilson, Taylor? standing on log over the ford.] ; 029b [Ethel, Chester, Christopher, Francis, Mary Ann, Wilson, Taylor and cats? standing by the edge of Old Log House porch.] ;  030a Way down Greasy, Dot on “Goeble.” [Woman riding on mule, trees in background.] ; 030b Dot playing at Narcissus. [Woman bent down by edge of pool of water with hands in water.] ; 031a Olga and Dot. [Two women sitting: one of left cross-legged, one on right arms around knees.] 031b Dot and Lizzie at the pool. [Two women: one on left standing, one on right squatting.] ; 032a A far view. [Three thin trees in foreground, mountains in background.]
032b Taylor on Nell going to meetin. [Young boy riding, creek? at far right.] ; 033a Bringing in the saw-mill. [Four pairs of animals yoked, dragging saw-mill, two people to left of saw-mill, building behind wooden fence on left.] ; 033b Goin’ home from meetin. [Nine women and men walking in a line on the right, backs shown.] ; 034a [Mountain view: rocks and trees.]
034b Greasy. [Creek surrounded by mountain on all sides.