Pine Mountain Settlement School
PART II (pgs. 35-68)





035a A school house way down Greasy. [Two mules? and several logs in foreground, school back right.] ; 035b A mansion. [Side of a wooden building at right, wooden chair at front right, back of a woman in background on left.] ;  036a [14 men and women outside: Nine standing in back, five men squatting in front, Fourth of July 1914.] ; 036b Fourth of July 1914. [14 men and women outside: Nine standing in back, four men and one woman squatting in front, person in middle front holding american flag?] ; 036c Alifair and Mallie. [Two women outside, one has arm around other’s shoulder, young boy to the right, various people in background on right.] ;037a Some of our neighbors. [Two men and five women standing in a line outside, buildings behind in the center and at left.] ; 037b The Loyd Turners. [Fourteen men, women, and children, wooden fence at far left, hills in background.]  ;038 JosiahCreech. [Man with rifle standing on porch of Old Log House.] ; 039a The Devide School, 1913 [23 children, one woman outside, building in background on left.] ; 039b Hauling locust posts. [Man standing to right of mule.] ; 040a Sol Day’s daughters. [Six young girls standing in a line in front of a building, girl on right is holding youngest girl.] ; 040b The valley of Little Laurel. ; 041a Miss Davis and the Joe Days. [Three adults, woman on left, and seven kids standing outside.] ; 041b Little Laurel Schoolhouse. [18 people: six children and one man on top of roof, eleven standing in front of building.] ; 042a Emily [Rockwell Love ?]. [Woman holding basket, two dogs at right.] ; 042b The road above Uncle William’s. [Road covered partially by snow, fence at right.] ; 042c Emily and Peggie. [Two women standing: one at left holding a basket. Snow covered ground.] ; 043a Life is hard in the Wlderness. [Young man holding axe? in one hand and log in the other, logs at feet, fence in background, building at right in background.] ; 043b Sport! [Young man in overalls holding an animal in one hand.] ; 044a Alifair, Oscar, and Mallie. [Woman, man and woman standing in a line in front of a mule.]

044b Mallie and the Turner baby. ; 045a Mary Ann, Mallie, and Miss Watts. [Three women: one standing in doorway of building, one leaning against building, and one standing in front of a fence; small child at foot of door.]
045b Frances. [Small child carrying plants standing on a foot-log?] ; 045c Goin’ to meetin. [Three people: Philip Roettinger on a mule, woman and small boy on another mule, mules standing in water.] ; 046 Sheep Shearing, Uncle John, Aunt Sis, and Mrs. Joe Day. [Woman standing next to a barn on left, watching man and woman sheer a sheep.] ; 047a [Aunt Sis and Mrs. Joe Day sheering a sheep, barn at left.] ; 047b [Uncle John, Aunt Sis, and Mrs. Joe Day with a sheep. Woman standing next to barn at left, woman and man kneeling next to sheep.]
048a Meetin in the grove. [Two women: one at left and one at right sitting amidst trees, several others sitting in background.] ; 048b Two of the Turners. [Two men standing in front of the post office? to the left of the porch. Tobacco sign on side of building.] ; 049a Aunt Judy at home. [Woman sitting at left, churner at right, fireplace at back right.] ; 049b Aunt Judy Turner and the “pied nag.” [Woman standing in front of a horse, fence in background.] ; 050a Bringing flax and the breaker. [Two boys: one at left carrying flax over his shoulder, one at right carrying the breaker? over his shoulder.] ; 050b Swinging flax, Aunt Sal and Lizzie. [Older woman at left swinging flax, Elisabeth Roettinger? at right watching.] ; 051a Aunt Judy and Aunt Stacey Ellen arrive. [Two women: One at left standing next to a horse?, one at right standing next to a mule.]  ;051b “A Workin” Aunt Polly Ann, Aunt Stacey Ellen, Aunt Judy, and Aunt Sal. [Three women sitting, one on left holding a baby, one woman standing, two children in background at left and right.] ; 052a [Woman riding on a mule in the forest.] ; 052b [Woman standing by a tree holding a long stick in one hand.] ;052c Virgin forest. ; 053a Up Big Laurel. [Woman at left holding a walking stick?, mule? behind tree limbs.] ; 053b Peggie and Lizzie. [Two women: Elisabeth Roettinger at right? at the base of a giant yellow poplar?] ; 053c The giant yellow poplar. Columbus and Lizzie. [Elisabeth Roettinger? at left and man at right at base of tree.] ; 054a Ethel on Jack’s Gap. [Woman holding a walking stick with two hands, large rocks on the left, trees and branches on the right.]
054b A lonesome pine. ; 055a View from Jack’s Gap. ; 055b The rock, Jack’s Gap. [Tree at left, large rock behind trees at right.]  ; 055c Dogwood on trail to Jack’s Gap.  ; 056a On the mountain top. Uncle Wm. Creech and “Old Mr. Man” – P.R. [Two older men: William Creech and Philip Roettinger sitting, Creech on left holding a cane, hat on the rock at left, Roettinger at right holding a walking stick.] ; 056b Old Mr. Man, Uncle William and Lizzie. [Philip Roettinger at left holding walking stick and plants, Elisabeth Roettinger in center holding plants, William Creech at right holding hat in hand.]  ; 057a Getting dinner at a “workin.” [Three women at left by a “teepee” of three logs, three women at a table of food at right, two boys in background.] ; 057b A water mill. [Two men: older man standing at left with arms crossed, younger man squatting at right with food to his mouth.] ; 058a Mary Ann Begley. [Young woman standing in a clearing with forest in the background.]  ; 058b Dot and Chester. [Man and woman on a mule.] ; 059a Dot and Chester, Carman, Miss Gaines, Olga, and Oscar. [Six men and women lined up on five horses and mules?; fence in background.] ; 059b Down Gabe’s Branch. [Four people: three riding on mules, one standing going down a forest trail.] ; 060a Uncle Lewis and Aunt Katie Creech, Poorfork. [Three women at left, an older man and woman, and two young girls; large building in back at right.] ; 060b Annie and the “lil” dog. [Young woman at left, dog jumping straight up at right, building in back.]
061a View from the porch at Uncle Lewis’. [Roof of building in lower left corner, mountains in the distance.]  ; 061b “Big Black” from near Poorfork. [Bridge visible in foreground, buildings and mountains in background.]
062a View from the mountain near Poorfork.  ; 062b Looking toward “Big Black.” [Mountain landscape.] ; 063a Rock near the Raven’s nest. [Tree at right in front of rock.]  ; 063b Ethel and Lizzie near Raven’s nest. [Two women standing with walking sticks in front, large rock and trees in background.]
064a [View from inside the Raven’s Nest?]  ; 064b Looking out of the Raven’s Nest, a cave at the top of Pine Mountain near Poorfork. [Three people: two women, one man visible at bottom left; cave on right, view of the outside on left.] ; 065a [View from the Raven’s Nest, a cave at the top of Pine Mountain near Poorfork.]  ; 065b [View from the Raven’s Nest, a cave at the top of Pine Mountain near Poorfork.] ; 066a Log Rock. [Three men and two women standing a top a large rock that looks like a fallen log.] ; 066b Great Rock at the top of Pine Mountain. [Three people visible just past tree line in forefront.]
067a Columbus and Lizzie on the road to Hurricane Gap. Elisabeth Roettinger, Columbus Creech. [Woman at left holding walking stick, man at right holding small parcel, walking down a trail.]  ; 067b Ethel and Columbus, Poorfork and Black. Miss McCullough and Columbus. [Man and woman leaning against a wooden fence, dirt path in front, mountains in background.] ; 068a [Mountain view.] ;