Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Community
James Columbus and Emily Hill Creech Photographs 001-099
Published 2021-08-23 hw/aae

(Set 0)


”Old Log –  Pine Mtn School” [creech_columbus_1_058]

TAGS: James Columbus and Emily Hill Creech photographs 001-099, vintage photographs of Creech family members, portraits, PMSS Farm House boys, Hayes Bunch and Chloe Smith Bunch wedding at PMSS, Jack’s Gap, Emily Hill Creech, Green Bailey Gross, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Maya Sudo, Clinton Hill, Viper KY, tintypes


[NOTE: Quotation marks indicate the text as it appears on the original ID list. Question marks in quotes “?” or [unknown] indicate that the images were unidentified on the original Identification List. Brackets indicate editor’s additions. Filename for each of these images is creech_columbus_1_0xx. jpg]

001 [not on original ID list – woman in embroidered dress]
001aaa “? (2) large & small” [child-like drawing of face on back of picture]
001aa “Oct 19th 1929” [duplicate of 001]
002a “Sunday Oct 6th 1929” {woman in tie, shirt, and  knickers]
002b “Sunday Oct 6th 1929 – on Picnic Cascade Colo(?)” MISSING IMAGE
003 ”Taken Oct 6th 1929 – Picnicking with friends Sunday – she was laughing – The sun was in her eyes” MISSING IMAGE
003a “Sunday Oct 6th 1929 on Picnic Cascade Colo(?). The sun was in baby’s eyes.” [woman holding baby]
003aa ”? 63” [duplicate of 003a]
004 ”363” [woman in hat and knickers holding laughing baby]
004a [not on original ID list – duplicate of 004]
005 ”Tuesday Oct 8th, 1929 – 642” [woman standing at carriage containing a baby]
005a ”? 363” MISSING IMAGE
006 [unknown – woman with black hair, holding baby; house in background]
007 ”?” [Oct 19, 1929 – woman in cloche hat and fur coat; porch in background]
007a ”? Oct 19, 1929” [duplicate of 007]
008 ”Emily” [side view of woman in bathing suit, reaching up with left hand]
008a [Emily – duplicate of 008 – not on original ID list]
009 ”Just like Troy” [woman holding baby; house in background – same image as 006]]
010 ”Oct 19 1929” [woman in dress, hands on hips]
011 [not on original ID list] MISSING IMAGE
012 [not on original ID list – man seated in chair; woman with hat and fur stole seated on arm of chair]
013 – 014 [not on original ID list] MISSING IMAGE
014a [not on original ID list – standing woman in tie and knickers]
014aa [not on original ID list – same image as 014a]
015 [not on original ID list – 3 young women lying on stomachs on grass, facing camera]
016 [not on original ID list – 3 boys dressed as troubadours; one with stringed instrument]
017 [not on original ID list – MISSING IMAGE]
018 ”? 045” [2 women in hats & coats on a deck]
019 ”? 845”  [2 women in hats & coats seated in deck chairs]
020 [unknown lady holding pan in front of face]
021 [unknown – two children sitting on concrete steps, toddler in back]
020 [unknown – lady holding pan in front of face]
021 [two children sitting on concrete steps, toddler in back]
022 [unknown 2 young boys in white shirts & ties, one wearing knickers]
022a “Sunday Oct 6th 1929” [same image as 014a & 014aa]
025 ”?” [group of children, standing on wood fence; 3 wearing hats]
026 [unknown – Emily Hill ?]
027 [unknown – Farm House boys at PMSS]
028 [2 girls standing on steps to door of a house]
029 ”Chloe Bunch – Hayes Bunch Wedding” [Chloe Hayes-Bunch]
030 ”Chloe Hayes Bunch wedding” [PMSS Chapel in background]
031 ”?” [man in suit standing in clearing in a woods]
032 ”The Day of Play [Pageant] at Jack’s Gap – Enoch took this of Bonnie” [group of boys and girls]
033 ”?” [Emily Hill – woman in dress hammering on open window]
034 [3 men in suits, standing in front of building]
035 [girl and boy, one with flag]
036 ”Green Bailey Gross” [at PMSS]
036a ”Green Bailey Gross” MISSING IMAGE
037 – 038 ”no pic” MISSING IMAGES
039 ”Good – Play at Jack[‘s] Gap” [Pageant at PMSS]
040 ”?” [woman in hat standing on log bridge]
041 ”no pic” MISSING IMAGE
042 ”R B G” [Ruth B. Gaines?]
043 ”no pic” MISSING IMAGE
044  “?” [group of women sitting in a line along boulder edge]
045 “?” [group of women and children; 3 boys saluting] 
046 ”Jacks Gap”  [steep, rocky hillside]
047 ”?” [distant view of 3 standing women next to house, 2 sharing a woven shawl]
048 ”Mat C. in middle” [two men and a boy]
049 [2 standing men wearing neck scarves & boots]
050 [group of women in white middies holding diplomas(?); men in suits in back]
051 ”?” [Logging near PMSS]
052 ”845” [3 young women seated on boulder]
053 [unknown – MISSING IMAGE
054 [unknown – portrait of young smiling man in Navy uniform]
055 ”? 845” [silhouetted woman sitting on log fence in woods]
056 ”?” [Community Fair Day]
057 ”Old Log – Pine Mtn Settlement School” [group of children on porch]
058 ”Old Log –  Pine Mtn School”
059 ”I have come to see you folks” [young woman in dress, standing on trestle next to barrel]
060 ”Aunt Sally Creech ??”
061”?” [group of seated & standing men in uniforms]
062 [closeup of young boy with tie]
063 [distant view of 2 standing women on grassy slope]
064 [closeup of young person in collarless top]
065 [closeup of young person in collared dark top]
066 ”Lollar’s B’Ham ALA” [2 children standing behind 2 seated children]
067 ”?” [group of 4 adults with wheelbarrow & pickaxes]
068 ”? 347G” [older man standing with toddler in snowfall]
069 ”?” [lone man standing in field]
070 [1 man and 2 women standing; 2 women seated on stone wall]
071 [distant view of young man and 2 girls standing in front of porch]
072 [smiling baby in knit hat and sweater]
073 [woman seated on ground holding 2 standing children]
074 [child in cap and coat sitting on ground]
075 [distant view of stone house and 2 people; notations indicating rooms]
076 [woman in white dress holding glass of liquid]
077 [man with lunch bucket standing in snow]
078 [3 women in hats and coats standing in front of car]
079 – 082 [Great Smoky Mtns – black bear and cars]
083 [unknown – group of men and women in a row before porch]
084 ”?” [Maya Sudo, second from left. Other PMSS staff]
085 ”?” [man in suit and woman holding hat on railroad tracks]
086 ”?” [man in suit holding hat standing next to a woman in plaid dress on trestle]
087 “? EH” [group of women seated on ground]
088 ”? 10” [elderly woman in front of wooden fence]
089 ”? 363” [baby lying on back in grass]
090 ”?” [closeup of two women with braided hair; twins?]
091 ”?”  [woman standing next to steps to house]
092 ”?” [closeup of 2 girls in middy blouses]
093 ”Tuesday Oct 8th 1929” [baby in wicker carriage]
094 ”?” [Seated: Clinton Hill, Emily Hill’s brother. Standing: woman in cloche hat]
094a ”?”
095aaa ”?”
096 ”?” [man in canoe on river at Viper?] 
097 [unknown – a man & woman, each astride a horse]
098 ”?” [tintype of woman and child]
”Junior & Marguerite – taken last winter – Love Ninnie” [2 children]

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