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Dr. Kenneth Gould, Medical Doctor, 1932-1933
Dr. Kenneth Newton Gould (c. 1903 – ?)


Dr. Kenneth N. Gould, PMSS Medical Doctor, 1932-1933. [gould_dr_kenneth013.jpg]

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PMSS Medical Doctor, February 1932 – December 1933

Dr. Kenneth Gould was hired by Director Glyn Morris in February 1932 to meet a growing need in the community for a doctor. Morris gave him full privileges to “Sunny Jim,” the horse used by the medical staff to visit in the community.

Gould, according to Glyn Morris’s autobiography, Less Traveled Roads [p.107], was paid $166.66 per month for his services and lived in the small cabin at the foot of the Infirmary path, sometimes called the “Doctor’s Cabin.” The son of a missionary in India, Gould was also eccentric. According to Morris he enjoyed curds and whey and kept a pet rattlesnake in a cage in his cabin. It was his first post following his graduation from medical school in Louisville.


According to the resume that Dr. Gould submitted to Glyn Morris as part of his application for PMSS employment, he earned an A.B. from the College of Wooster (Ohio) in 1922 and an M.D. from the University of Louisville (Kentucky) Medical School in June 1931. He spent his internship at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Louisville from June 1930 to June 1931 followed by six months at Riverside Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky.

Gould gained work experience not only as an intern in medicine, obstetrics and surgery but also as an instructor in anatomy during his second and third years as a medical student. In 1930, the fourth year of his medical studies, he was awarded the Henry Enos Tuley Memorial Prize, given to the student who wrote the best essay on the “Ideals of Medicine.”


When Director Glyn Morris learned of Dr. Gould’s inquiry, he immediately sent a letter to Gould asking for an in-person interview. He also described Pine Mountain’s situation as

“… a centre (sic) for medical work in the community round about us, going out perhaps for twelve or even fifteen miles into the mountains. We have an Infirmary with eight beds and a detention room, facilities for an operating room as well as a good set of surgical instruments. The locality in which we are situated does not have a doctor, and every time we need medical service we are required to go to Harlan, fifteen miles away.”

Letter to Dr. Kenneth Gould in Paducah, KY, from Director Glyn Morris, January 6, 1932. [gould_dr_kenneth005.jpg]

After their meeting, Morris hired Dr. Gould as “a medical doctor for Pine Mountain Settlement School and surrounding community for the ensuing year at a salary of $2000.00 and maintenance.” By January 20, 1932, Dr. Gould had arrived on campus to begin his work in the Infirmary.

At Pine Mountain, Dr. Gould found the ideal place to quickly hone the skills he acquired during his internship and at Riverside Hospital in Paducah. In a letter to Angela Melville, a former PMSS fundraiser and associate director, Morris writes that Dr. Gould performed the first major operation in the Infirmary on the PMSS secretary, Mr. Lehman, for appendicitis.

Dr. Ida S. Stapleton, the physician at PMSS’s satellite operation, Line Fork Settlement, often sent patients to Gould or assisted him at the Infirmary when cases were particularly difficult or he was short of staff. In her captivating story-telling style, Dr. Stapleton describes those times in reports to the director. According to Dr. Stapleton’s September 1932 report, Dr. Gould revived a sick woman who had been unconscious for two days by administering a blood transfusion from her husband. Her November 1932 report recalls the time Dr. Gould set a broken leg of another young woman who was thrown from a horse on her way to sell moonshine. In the December 1932/January 1933 report, Dr. Stapleton tells of assisting Dr. Gould in caring for a young pregnant woman who had been in labor for three days.

Dr. Kenneth Gould stayed at Pine Mountain Settlement School for almost two years. He left in December of 1933 and was followed in the Infirmary by Dr. Frank W. Newman, a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York, NY, and his new wife, Elizabeth, who was trained as a nurse.

Glyn Morris reported in his 1942 Study and Recommendations II paper that since Dr. Gould’s time at Pine Mountain, “there has been a doctor here with the exception of gaps of a few months, and one period of two years. It has always been difficult to have any continuity in the medical program because of the difficulty in keeping nurses and doctors here for any length of time.”


Dr. Kenneth Newton Gould was born c. 1903 in British India. to a mother who was a medical missionary. In a letter of inquiry to Mr. S. P. Pittman at Pine Mountain in December 1931, Gould provides this description of his background:

“My grandfather was a pioneer medical missionary to India. My mother was an M.D., medical missionary also to India. My brother is a surgeon and there are two others near of kin in the medical profession.”

Letter to Mr. S.P. Pittman at Pine Mountain, KY, from Kenneth N. Gould in Paducah, Kentucky, December 24, 1931. [gould_dr_kenneth004.jpg]

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