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Dr. Kenneth Gould Correspondence

Dr. Kenneth Gould Correspondence 1931 – 1934

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CONTENTS: Dr. Kenneth Gould Correspondence

001 [gould_dr_kenneth001.jpg]
N.D. Typewritten resume for KENNETH N. GOULD M.D. providing age, birthplace, foreign languages, church, degrees, internships, licensure, experience and a list of references and their comments.

002 [gould_dr_kenneth002.jpg]
N.D. Copy of the above resume in a folder from “The Medical Bureau,” Chicago, with a confidentiality statement.

003 [gould_dr_kenneth003.jpg]
N.D. A form with typewritten entries that provide Gould’s name, address, birthplace, citizenship, literary degree, medical schools, Kentucky license #, hospital training, (medicine, obstetrics, surgery), height, age, single, religion, references and remarks. Signed by Kenneth N. Gould.

004 [gould_dr_kenneth004.jpg]
1931 December 24. Typewritten letter to Mr. S.P. Pittman at Pine Mountain, KY, from Kenneth N. Gould, M.D. at Riverside Hospital, Paducah, KY. Gould writes that he is applying for a position as a PMSS physician. He describes the medical professions of his grandfather, mother and brother and “two others near of kin….” He asked for information about the work and encloses his resume.

005 [gould_dr_kenneth005.jpg]
1932 January 6. Carbon copy of unsigned typewritten letter. Director Glyn Morris responds to Gould’s December 1931 letter, after learning from Mr. S.B. Pittman that Gould was seeking a position. “We are desirous of having a doctor use what facilities we have here at the school as a centre (sic) for medical work in the community round about us, going out perhaps for twelve or even fifteen miles into the mountains. We have an Infirmary with eight beds and a detention room, facilities for an operating room as well as a good set of surgical instruments.”

Morris asks Gould for a personal interview at the School or at a city half-way from Paducah to Pine Mountain.

006 [gould_dr_kenneth006.jpg]
N.D. An unsigned copy of a typewritten note of confirmation to Dr. Kenneth N. Gould on PMSS letterhead, confirming an offer of a “position of Medical Doctor for the Pine Mountain Settlement School and surrounding community for the ensuing year at a salary of $2000.00 and maintenance.” Asks for Gould’s agreement.

007 [gould_dr_kenneth007.jpg]
1932 January 19. Western Union telegram from Gould in Louisville, KY to Glyn Morris, indicating Gould’s acceptance of the position of PMSS medical doctor and his plan to be in Putney soon.

008 [gould_dr_kenneth008.jpg]
1932 February 10. Handwritten note with “The Guardian Trust Co., York, Penna.” letterhead. To Mr. P. Shell in Harlan, KY, from Gould: “Mr. Day referred me to you for payment of expenses incurred in the treatment of old Mr. Lewis, which to date are six dollars.”

009 [gould_dr_kenneth009.jpg]
1932 February 13. Carbon copy of a typewritten letter to Mr. A.H. Randall of the Medical Bureau in Chicago from Gould. He describes his PMSS position and salary and states that he is enclosing a check for one-half the monthly salary ($166.67), less five percent. He thanks Randall for his service.

010 [gould_dr_kenneth009.jpg]
1932 February 23. Carbon copy of a typewritten letter to A.S. Aloe Company in St. Louis, MO, from Gould, who orders their “Daniels Modification of the Sluder Tonsil Guillotine in Chrome Plate.” He encloses a check for $27.

011 [gould_dr_kenneth010.jpg]
1932 August 6. Carbon copy of a typewritten letter to State Board of Health in Louisville, KY, from Gould, who orders 2 dozen vials of typhoid vaccine. Expressing the urgency of his request, he writes, “There have been four cases of typhoid in this vicinity recently.”

012 [gould_dr_kenneth012.jpg]
1934 March 14. Carbon copy of a typewritten letter to Gould at Berea, KY, from Glyn Morris. Encloses “a check for $18.00, for the saddle.”

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