GOVERNANCE Directors Annual Reports to BOT 1914

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: DIRECTORS
Directors’ Annual Reports to BOT 1914
Katherine Pettit, PMSS Co-Director, 1913-1928
Ethel de Long, PMSS Co-Director, 1913-1930

GOVERNANCE Directors Annual Reports to BOT 1914

Old Log. Built in 1914 from the timber of a hundred-year-old house. [nace_1_041b.jpg]

GOVERNANCE Directors’ Annual Reports to BOT 1914

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By 1914 the Articles of Incorporation were in place and the Board began to carefully determine if they fit the goals of the founders and of the Board of Advisors. A full slate of Board members was assembled and all were present for the first meeting of January 1914 in Lexington, Kentucky.

The following documents outline key accomplishments and goals for the School as reported by the School’s co-directors.

[NOTE: Trustees’ letters that are not an official part of the Annual Report may be found on pages for the individual trustees’ correspondence.]

CONTENTS: Directors’ Annual Reports to BOT 1914
[Financial statement not included.]

018-019 August 10, 1914. “Miss Stoughton to Board of Directors.” (2 pages, Norma F. Stoughton, PMSS Secretary for Pettit and de Long)

018-019 [AUGUST] Log House [Big Log] finished ; donated lumber ; children ; children’s work ; industrial home ; excavation for Laurel House I ; money for Laurel House from Mrs. J.R. Morton ; dining room ; kitchen ; laundry ; girl’s industrial residence ; students increase ; tuition, board, food for students cost $140.00 per year ; physiology classes ; Miss [Clara] Davis ; lime stack ; farming ; fertilizer ; plaster ; jam ; blackberries ; apples ; apple sauce ; summer school ; Industrial training program ; gardening ; farming ; cooking ; washing ; ironing ; general house work

020-021 October 20, 1914.  “Miss de Long to the Board of Directors” (2 pages, Ethel de Long, Co-Director)

020-021 [OCTOBER] ready for winter ; vegetables stored ; rye sown ; planting fruit trees ; bulbs ; cider ; 33 residents at school ; stone Tool House built ; tools ; farm ; sawmill ; poor finances ; borrow for building fund ; beans ; dulcimers ; music ; Monroe, student ; Chester, student ; “How did God begin Hisself?”

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