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Burton Rogers Talks

CHAPEL Holtkamp Organ ; BURTON ROGERS Talks

Chapel. Burton Rogers at Holtkamp organ. [ii_chapel_0367h]

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BURTON ROGERS Talks, 1959-1974(?)

BURTON ROGERS TALKS displays images of transcripts that Burton Rogers used for his speeches before various groups, such as the D.A.R., Benham Lions Club, and the Green Hill School. Besides promoting Pine Mountain Settlement School, he also covered subjects such as foreign missions, graduation, and Little School.

Burton began at Pine Mountain as a counselor, teacher, and later principal from 1942 until 1949 when he became the School’s director. His term as director lasted until 1973.

During his long tenure at Pine Mountain Burton Rogers was called upon to give many talks. Most of these were gathered in his Director’s Files while others are scattered in the general collections. When Burton spoke to groups he generally worked from notes. There are, however, several talks that he gave which have full transcripts.

Whether fragmentary notes or full transcripts, his talks were always well thought through and reflective. He often used the historical record in his talks and almost always aimed to move his audience toward their higher selves.

Of the talks gathered on this page, some are dated, others are not, but the date can be estimated by their subject or audience.


1960, Nov. 1 – Notes for Talk for Local Chapter of D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution)

n.d. – “A Layman’s View of (Foreign) Missions”

n.d. – “Green Hill School Graduation Address”

1971, Oct. 29. “Green Hill School Dedication” Presentation

1964, Jan. 14 – Benham Lions Club Talk

1969 [?] or 1974 [?]. – “Little School” Talk

1963 – 50th-Anniversary Year Talk to Staff

[NOTE: These 3 pages are the beginning of a challenge from Burton Rogers to the staff during the 50th-anniversary year to re-visit certain PMSS ideals. The third page stops mid-sentence indicating that there were more pages that are now lost or separated.

1968-69 – Draft of Report to Rogers Regarding “Little School”

The following are images of a draft version of the report on the “Little School” as taken from Mildred Mahoney‘s reports to Burton Rogers.]

1959 February – Correspondence & Newspaper Clipping Concerning a “Whitesburg Women’s Club Talk”

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