MATTHEW BOGGS Homemakers Crafts 1985 Photos

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Matthew Boggs
Homemakers Crafts
1985 Photos


MATTHEW BOGGS Homemakers Crafts 1985 Photos

Matthew Boggs:
Farm Worker, Grounds 1950s
Night Watchman 1973 – 1974
Teacher, Environmental Education 1987 – 1990
Homemakers Teacher, Woodworking for Life 1980s

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MATTHEW BOGGS, Master Craftsman 

Matthew (“Matt”) Boggs taught a variety of woodworking classes at Pine Mountain Settlement School, especially during his semi-retired years. His work with the School went well past the 50-year mark — as did his gifted talents which he freely gave back to the community he grew up within.

Homemakers Crafts as one of his favorite classes for both Matt and for the Community. He had a loyal following that produced many wooden objects that are now treasures in the families in the nearby community. The photographer of this set of images was PAUL HAYES, Director of the School in the 1980s. 

(Photos by Paul Hayes)


MATTHEW BOGGS Student and Staff