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Pine Mountain Settlement School
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MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

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General Notes for PMSS Talks. motter_1947-8 _pmss_travelog_001.jpg

General Notes, image 001.

From late 1946 through 1949 Margaret Motter was given the responsibility of representing Pine Mountain Settlement School to the broader communities of interest, mainly the Northeast. She traveled to major metropolitan areas as well as towns that had Pine Mountain connections, to give short talks and to show slides of the institution. She carefully kept a record of her visits and in some cases copies of her remarks about the School. This record provides a unique opportunity to look back at the School through the development mantra of the institution. The records are also testimony to the broad ranging contacts the School maintained through the 1940s.

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CONTENTS: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

GALLERY I – Schedule and Notes

TRANSCRIPTION – Schedule for Talks, 1946-1949
TRANSCRIPTION – General Notes for PMSS Talks, 1947-1948

GALLERY II – List of Slides Used in PMSS Promotional Talks

TRANSCRIPTION – List of Slides Used in PMSS Promotional Talks

GALLERY I: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

Schedule and Notes

TRANSCRIPTION: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

Schedule for Talks

NOTE: Miss Motter did not always record the years in which these events took place. Years appearing in brackets have been estimated based on the context of the documents.

Margaret Motter Travelogue Schedule, 1946-1949

November 25, [1946]8 p.m. Home of Mr. Ernest Thomas, Washington Mrs. Gattis - D.A.R.25
November 26D.A.R. Chapter House, WashingtonMrs. Gattis60 or more
November 26Meeting at A.A.F.W. HeadquartersMiss Harriet[?] Wood
January 5, [1947]Salem Reformed Church, Harrisburg, Pa.Women's Guild75Slides
February 4Community Church, Wheelwright, Ky.Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Price35Showed pictures
February 5-12P.M.S.S.
February 24Personal visit in PhiladelphiaConference with Miss Kathryn Post regarding future meeting in West Collingswood, N.J.
February 25Personal visit in PhiladelphiaConference with Dr. Williams regarding workers at Big Laurel
March 11Hood College, Frederick, Md.Dr. Henry I. Stahr500
March 17Friends' Central School, PhiladelphiaMr. Mark Emerson, Chairman, Service Committee30
March 18Stacy Trent Hotel, Trenton, N.J.Meeting with members of D.A.R.
March 19Stacy Trent Hotel, Trenton, N.J. - Speaker at Approved Schools BreakfastD.A.R. State Meeting, Mrs. Robert Weatherill, Chairman50
August 5, 1947Home of Mr. Brunk, Braddock Heights, Md.Braddock Hgts. Education Committee of Community Center15
August 10Evangelical Reformed Church, Frederick, Md.Ladies' and Men's Bible Classesover 100
August 22Feagaville School near Jefferson, Md.Feagaville Grange (Mrs. Guy Culler)over 50all ages
September 10 - October 6P.M.S.S.
October 6Harlan, Ky.Conference with Mr. Ward
October 6-7Berea, Ky.Conferences with Miss Lindquist and President Hutchins. Also looking up P.M. students
October 27Home of Mrs. Helen Harbaugh, Braddock Hgts.D.A.R., Frederick Chapter35Discussed boxes for school. Showed slides
November 7Weirton, W. Va.Interchurch group - Women's Guild (Mrs. Gustafson) 60
November 8Sewickley, Pa.Telephone calls
November 9Home of Mr. CrutchfieldMr. C. and daughter Harriet30Slides
November 10Pittsburgh & SewickleyTelephone calls and personal calls
November 11Home of Mr. and Mr. Paul Swatek - Ben AvonMr. and Mrs. SwatekIncluding family about 30Slides
November 13Ellis School - PittsburghMiss Hutchenson86Showed pictures & homespun
November 13Duquene [sic] Club - Luncheon guest of.......Miss Eleanor Kelly, P.M. friend & contributor
November 1[?]Hotel SchenleySouthern Club100Very good meeting
November 15Foster Memorial Hall, University of Pitts.Beta Sigma Omicron60Very good meeting
November 16Second Baptist Church, PhiladelphiaMrs. Frank Levering150
November 17United Presbyterian Church - WynnefieldLadies' Auxiliary (Mrs. Edgar Young)25Slides
November 19-20Telephone calls part of day
November 21Friends' Select School, PhiladelphiaMr. Haviland, Headmaster315
November 23Swarthmore Presbyterian ChurchMiss Ruth Smith and minister50Slides
November 24Holton Arms School, Washington, D.C.Mrs. Evelyn K. Yeide25Slides
November 252 P.M. Home of Mrs. McIntoshMrs. Gattis - D.A.R., D.C. Chairman Approved Schools35
October 25, [1948] La Porte, Ind.Sigma Phi Gamma Sorority25Photographs shown
October 26 La Porte, Ind.Interviews - D.A.R. Regent & President of sorority2Gave[?] literature
October 27Gary, Ind.Altrusa Club - Miss Edith Wise, Sponsor25 (more)Slides, etc.
October 28Gary, Ind.Women's Club - Gary Congregational Church30Photographs
October 28ChicagoTelephone calls5
October 29ChicagoChicago College Club35Photographs
October 30EvanstonHome for the Aged (Rachel Davis)100 (more)Slides, etc.
October 31ChicagoTelephone calls4
November 2EvanstonWrote personal message on 50 cards & mailed; Interview with R. Davis regarding projector
November 3 ChicagoMethodist Old People's Home (Miss McCormick)150Slides, photographs
November 4EvanstonHome of Mr. Henry Dawes (arranged by Mrs. Smith)25Slides, photographs
November 6ChicagoBeta Sigma Omicron Luncheon meeting20Photographs
November 7ChicagoShowing of slides at Apartment of Miss Van Bezey10
November 8ChicagoInterviews2
November 9Chicago2 chapters of Sigma Phi Gamma20
Photograph with both groups
November 10ChicagoColonial Coverlet Guild80Handicraft display and photographs
November 14Lewisburg, Pa.First Baptist Church (Dr. Gordon Poteat); Sunday school Class in A.M.; Bucknell University students in evening35
50 (meeting)
Slides[?] at evening
November 16George SchoolMary Lib Hurff - Sponsor150Slides and photographs
December 8 & 9Sweet Briar CollegeSociology Club; group from the "Y"15
February 14, [1949]Wheelwright, Ky.Women's Club25Talk only
March 2WheelwrightPrayer Meeting35Slides
March 10Louisville, Ky.Interview with State D.A.R. Chairman of Approved Schools
March 11LouisvilleLouisville Collegiate School200 (more)Photographs
March 11LouisvilleMeeting of D.A.R. Chapter75Slides
March 12LouisvilleCommittee meeting planning future meeting for P. Mt.5
March 13Louisville2 meetings - St. Luke's Church205
March 15Lexington, Ky.Attending D.A.R. spring Conference, meeting regents & chairman of App. Schools15 (more)
March 16LexingtonMeeting in Public Library Sponsored by members of Board & Advisory Board75Slides, photographs, handicraft display
[IMAGE 004]
April 10Frederick, Md.Young People's Group, Presbyterian Church25Slides and photographs
May 6Frederick, Md.Federation of Church Women - Dinner meeting150 or more (expected)Slides; will have handicraft display
October 26Great Neck, N.Y.Needlework Guild
Will show slides and speak

TRANSCRIPTION: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

 General Notes for PMSS Talks

[Notes_IMAGE 001]

Pine Mt. Speaking Trips
General Notes

Margaret R. Motter
109 East Second Street
Frederick, Maryland

[Notes_IMAGE 002]
August 5, 1947
Informal meeting at the home of Mrs. Brunk, Braddock Heights, Md. About 15 people present. Much interest shown.
August 10, 1947
Evangelical Reformed Church – Ladies’ and Men’s Bible classes. About 100 or more present.
August 22, 1947
Feagaville Grange. About 50 present – all ages. Much interest.

[Notes_IMAGE 003]
October 6, 1947
Special conference with Mr. Ward, Secretary of the Harlan County Coal Ass’n.
October 6 and 7, 1947 – BEREA
Talks with Miss Lindquist at Berea regarding publicity. She gave many helpful suggestions.
Oct. 7 – Interesting interview with President Hutchins.
October 27, 1947
Gave a talk to Frederick Chapter – D.A.R.

[Notes_IMAGE 004]
About 35 present; very enthusiastic meeting. Plan to send a good Christmas box and some money.

[Notes_IMAGE 005]
Arrival in Pittsburgh November 6th. Mr. Crutchfield and Johnny Orudorff met me at station and brought me to Sewickley. After dinner Harriet made a few phone calls for me and we talked over general plans for the week.
November 7th. Mr. C. sent me to Weirton, W. Va. with his chauffeur, Rufus.

[Notes_IMAGE 006]
Nov. 7th con. We went to the home of the Rev. & Mrs. David Gustafson. They were most cordial. Had a very good luncheon after which Mrs. G. took me to the church to the meeting. A gentleman at the Christian Center helped with the projector. The service was a suitable one for World Community Day and I was the only speaker. Very responsive audience. Showed slides. Had tea afterwards. The following churches…

[Notes_IMAGE 007]
…were represented: Lutheran, Christian, Methodist, First and Second Baptist, Presbyterian, & colored Baptist who had the closing prayer. There were a few representatives from the Federated Church group. Altogether about 60 at the meeting. Several said they would like me to return to speak to young people’s classes in churches. The lady presiding gave $10.00. They hope to send….

[missing page or image]

[Notes_IMAGE 008]
November 9th – On Sunday evening a group of people (chiefly Sewickley neighbors) met at Mr. Crutchfield’s home to hear about Pine Mt. Harriet & her father in charge of the meeting. Harriet introduced me very graciously. I talked for about 30 minutes and showed slides. After this we had a very pleasant time in the dining room chatting, discussing Pine Mt., & enjoying good refreshments. The people seemed truly interested.

[Notes_IMAGE 009]
Counting the Crutchfields, Orndorffs, Roys and myself there were about 30 people. Dining room most attractive– lovely decorations on table.

[Notes_IMAGE 010]
November 11th – In the evening we had a very good meeting at the home of Kitty Crutchfield Swatek. Paul ran off the slides after my talk and it helped a lot to be relieved of this. My talk was 35 minutes. Everyone very nice about it afterwards. Pleasant time in dining room after the meeting. Very…

[Notes_IMAGE 011]
…attractive table, good food, & very nice people. About 30 including family. Everyone enjoyed woven articles which we exhibited.

[Notes_IMAGE 012]

[Notes_IMAGE 013]

[Notes_IMAGE 014]

[Notes_IMAGE 015]

[Notes_IMAGE 016]
November 13 – Harriet drove me to the Ellis School – 5607 Fifth Avenue. Miss Hutchinson had charge of us & introduced me at the assembly. About 86 present. The children were most responsive – a nice group to talk to. After assembly they looked at pictures and weaving, asked questions and showed real interest.

Wednesday, March 17th, 8:45 A.M. – Friends Central School Service Committee. About 30 present. D.A.R. Convention March 18 & 19 – Dinner (guest), Breakfast. Spoke to 50.

[Notes_IMAGE 018]
November 14 – Harriet and I went with Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Close, and Mrs. Megehee for lunch at the Schenley. We had a delicious luncheon and very delightful hour. The Southern Club met at 2:15. A very inspiring meeting, such gracious ladies, cordial and so responsive. I talked about 20 minutes. They seemed pleased and many asked questions…

[Notes_IMAGE 019]
…later. Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee from Sewickley plans to go to visit Pine mt. & to take a typewriter.

A gorgeous tea table, good food, & very pleasant time. About 100 ladies present. They liked the exhibit of homespun, hearth brooms, etc.

November 15 – Harriet and I took all homespun (coverlet, blanket, articles in laundry case, hearth brooms, doll bed, pictures) to Foster Memorial Hall for the Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority meeting. Mrs. Cannon greeted us, gave us a sweet yellow chrysanthemum corsage, & introduced us to the group of about 60 or more. It was…

[Notes_IMAGE 021]
…a very interested group and they seemed glad to hear of Pine Mt. They want a representative & something special at the National Convention in Roanoke. Tea followed. Harriet was at one end of the table. I was kept busy talking with various members. Very successful meeting.

[Notes_IMAGE 022]
November 16 – Went to church with Adele. She asked me to speak in adult Sunday School, Second Baptist Church, for about 5 minutes. I spoke about 7 and the group of 100 or more showed fine attention and interest.

[Notes_IMAGE 023]
November 17, Monday – Adele and I were invited to luncheon with the Ladies’ Auxiliary at the Wynnefield United Presbyterian Church. After lunch I gave a talk to about 25 ladies. Showed slides, homespun, etc. They seemed glad to hear of the school. Bought several calendars & 1 broom.

[Notes_IMAGE 024]
Friday, November 21 – Went to Friends’ Select School before 9 A.M. (Adele driving me). Mr. Hairland, the Headmaster, very gracious and cordial. Spoke at assembly. Over 300 pupils plus many teachers. Very good group, attentive and most responsive. About 315.

[Notes_IMAGE 025]
Sunday, November 23 – Had a very pleasant time with Ruth Smith and Barbara Bowen, dinner and after.

[Notes_IMAGE 026]
November 24, Monday Evening – Evelyn Keitel Yeide arranged meeting at Holton Arms School. A small group (about 25 in all) showed much interest and asked questions. A Sociology teacher had 10 or more girls from the school. All seemed glad to hear of the school. Miss Mary Labaree brought several visitors to U.S. From Yugoslavia & Austria interested in social work and plans for child…

[Notes_IMAGE 027]
…care. The one guest gave $10.00 for Pine Mt. I gave each one a calendar as a greeting from Pine Mt. Sold 1 calendar.

[Notes_IMAGE 028]
November 25, Tuesday – Mrs. Gattis called this morning asking me to speak about Pine a meeting this afternoon and this evening. At two o’clock she called for me and we met at the home of a Mrs. Samuel W. McIntosh – 1313 Buchanan N.W. Mrs. R.J. Franklin – 134 Grafton Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland is Regent of Livingstone Manor Chapter D.A.R. It was a good meeting…

[Notes_IMAGE 029]
…with about 35 people present. They seemed most interested. Sold 1 calendar.

[Notes_IMAGE 030]
November 25, Tuesday evening meeting – D.A.R. Chapter, home of Mrs. Ernest Thomas, 1215 Quincy Street N.W. Regent – talked for about 22 minutes. Interest shown in pictures & general facts. The group plans to send Christmas box next yr – sending to…

[Notes_IMAGE 031]
…Temasse[?] this yr. – at least 25 present.

[Notes_IMAGE 032]
November 26, Wednesday, 11:00 – D.A.R. Chapter House. About 60 present. Skit about Cros Noir,. My talk. Gratifying response, sold 4 calendars. Miss Harriette Wood spoke to me afterwards & invited me to have lunch at A.A.U.W. Headquarters. Very pleasant hour. She gave…

[Missing page or image]

[Notes_IMAGE 033]
January 5th 1948 – Meeting in Salem Reformed Church, Harrisburg, Penna. The Women’s Guild arranged this meeting inviting members of guilds from other churches. It was a very satisfactory meeting, about 75 people (or more) present. Showed slides. Trouble with lantern, but got through all right. Distributed literature. A great…

[Notes_IMAGE 034]
…deal of interest shown & questions asked in the social hour following. Checks & cash received. Cash: 1.00, 1.00, 20.00. Check 10, 50.

[Notes_IMAGE 035]
Sent to school the above money January 13th. Also check for $10.00 from Mr. & Mrs. Peter Chichester, Frederick.

[Notes_IMAGE 036]
Met Mrs. Gratz & Mrs. Bullock January 19th & had a good talk about Pine Mt.

[Notes_IMAGE 037]
February 4, 1948 – Spoke at Prayer Meeting, Wheelwright Community Church, Wheelwright, Kentucky. About 35 people present. Fine response. Contributions & subscriptions:
Inland Steel 250; E.R. Price 100; Lill 50; Smiths 12; Wilkenson 10
$5.00 each from Bradbury, Cummings;
Couley, Rose, 20; Women’s Club 20; Wesleyan Guild 20; Daughters of A. 10; Mrs. Tauk[?] & Mrs. Swath[?] 10;
Total from Wheelwright $502.

[Notes_IMAGE 038]
Meeting in Philadelphia with Kathryn Post, West Collingswood, relative to a speaking engagement.

February 25th – Think there will be a meeting in Collingswood but date is indefinite.

[Notes_IMAGE 039]
Met Dr. Williams, Eastern Baptist Theol. Seminary, relative to a worker at Big Laurel. He suggested two names. Very satisfactory conference.

[Notes_IMAGE 040]
March 11th – Chapel at Hood College – about 500 students and a number of faculty members present.

GALLERY II: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

List of Slides Used in PMSS Promotional Talks

The slides Motter used in her talks were large glass transparencies that required a lantern slide projector. The equipment was very cumbersome to set up but greatly enhanced her talks.

TRANSCRIPTION: MARGARET MOTTER Promotional Travelogue 1946-1949

List of Slides Used in PMSS Promotional Talks

[IMAGE 001]
1. Lynch (mining town about 30 mis.)
2. Tipple at Lynch
3. Big Black Mountain
4. Big Black Mt. from Rebel Rock
5. Rebel Rock (see when crossing Pine Mt.)
6. Air view of School
7. Road leading in
8. Entrance (Old Log 1st building)
9. Chapel bell (road in distance)
10. Road to outside
11. Tool House
12. Office
13. Uncle William's cabin
14. Creech family
15. Henry Creech
16. Family of Henry Creech
17. Brit Wilder -- grandson of Un. Wm. -- general maintenance man
18. Brit Wilder & family
19. Jubilee House (at present house of Brit)
20. Fording Turkey Fork
21. Turkey Fork School
22. Sol Day's potato patch
23. Log House on Laurel
24. Boy carving
25. Group at Little Laurel School
26. Children at pump
27. Creech School
28. R. B. carrying coal
29. Laurel House
30. Laurel House (close-up)
31. Kitchen
32. Girls preparing vegetables outside
33. Far House
34. Farm House
35. Big Log
36. Big Log (close-up) now used by Director
[IMAGE 002]
37. Chapel bell
38. Chapel
39. Children going into Chapel
40. Chapel interior
41. Farmer at P. Mt. School grad.
42. Hayes family
43. Silo
44. Cows
45. Gathering vegetables on farm
46. Former infirmary -- head nurse in front
47. Former infirmary (interior)
48. Home visiting
49. New hospital -- West Wind
50. Coal mine
51. School House
52. School bus
53. Class room
54. Counsellor
55. Workshop -- additional class rooms, weaving, etc.
56. Woodworking
57. Printing press
58. Mechanics Shop
59. Lab
60. Group of older chil.
61. Younger children
62. Younger children
63. Younger children
64. Sunset
65. Girl standing by hybrid corn
66. School grounds
67. Redbud & dogwood
68. Fair Day (poultry)
69. Fair Day (quilt)
70. Fair Day (handicrafts -- P. Mt. blanket)
[IMAGE 003]
71. Fair Day (flowers & vegetables)
72. Fair Day (canned goods)
73. Fair Day (garden produce)
74. Fair Day crowd
75. Looking out from Jack's Gap
76. Rock at Jack's Gap
77. School play
78. Dancing on the Big Log green
79. "Holy Night" in dining room
80. Hanging wreaths in dining room
81. Hanging garland in dining room
82. Lords & Ladies (Wassail Song)
83. Lords & Ladies (Minuet)
84. Mummers' Play
85. Mummers' Play
86. Prophet in Nativity Play
87. Shepherds
88. Blind boy at manger
89. Manger scene -- Bonnie Reynolds
90. Wise Men
91. Scene of the Nativity

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