de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 73. Pine Mountain Publicity Materials, 1912-1928

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors

de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 73. Pine Mountain Publicity Materials, 1912-1928

Folder 73. Pine Mountain Publicity Materials, 1912-1928. 32 items.

[See also: DEAR FRIEND LETTERS – INDEX Pine Mountain Settlement School. Series 17A: Publications – Publicity and Fund-Raising]

This folder contains brochures,appeal letters, and reports to Pine Mountain board members, many written by Mrs. Ethel de Long Zande. Copies of these letters also exist in school files, and some are duplicated in the Zande Scrapbook in this collection.

CONTENTS: de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 73. Pine Mountain Publicity Materials, 1912-1928

“When the enclosed letter came from a mountain Baptist preacher…”

November 16, 1912. “A year ago I wrote the letter I enclose, not knowing just when…” Enclosure: [“October 1912”–EZ handwritten] “Let me tell you how a remote country people…”

Fragment: Page 2. “The people are “awful well pleased” that an expert kindergartener…” [1913]

August 4, 1913. “While Miss [Ethel] de Long is away trying to make new friends…:

September 4, 1913. “Miss [Katherine] Pettit has asked me to tell you something of the progress…”

Brochure. Pine Mountain Settlement School. “The ground for the first building of the Pine Mountain Settlement School was broken May 15, 1913…”

October 1, 1913. “I wish you could be here today…”

October 6, 1913. [Personalized by handwritten salutation: “To Mother, Helen, and Aunt Sarah”] “I wonder if it will be possible to tell you of the month of September…”

December 6, 1913. “You may be tired of the word “ditching”…..

January 2, 1914. “Just before Christmas, when, in accordance with the ancient rhyme…”

Brochure. Photo on front flap of mules hauling logs. “The Pine Mountain Settlement School in the Making.”

June 23, 1914. “One of the board members questions why we have preserved….”

August 10, 1914. “Miss de Long left on July 18th for South Dennis, Massachusetts…”

October 20, 1914. “The end of October finds us ready for winter…”

November 14, 1914. “Pioneers must handle axes and plows vigorously…”

December 23, 1914. “Miss Margaret McCutcheon, who has just visited us…”

[1914] “The Appeal of the Kentucky Mountains.” Clipping of article by Ethel de Long. [Smith Alumnae Quarterly.]

Brochure. “Christmas at Pine Mountain.” [1914]

June 11, 1915. “You would be more intimately acquainted with the history….”

November 20, 1915. “To all the friends that have holp…” [“Uncle William’s Letter”]

April 30, 1916. “On its third birthday…” [attached to letter is a slip in Arabella de Long’s handwriting about Brit Wilder]

September 15, 1916. “A man has just walked in from Big Creek…” [the Callahan letter]

January 24, 1917. “This is a Christmas reminiscence from Pine Mountain.”

[March 1917] “There is surely no certainty as to where a germinating idea may land one!”

October 12, 1917. “Recently a little girl wrote us ‘in regard of an education.’”

November 24, 1917. We are writing as usual, thinking that you are perhaps even more interested in your school…”

Memorial Day, 1918. “I am sure you can appreciate the bereavement we are suffering…”

July 30, 1918. “We always wish for time for a monthly Board letter…”

“Our First Visit to Pine Mountain Settlement School, Inc. Pine Mountain, Kentucky, October 9-12, 1919. Darwin D. Martin accompanied by Dorothea Dann and Dorothy R. Martin.”

[1920] Brochure. “For the Sake of Learning.” [Reprinted from the Home Mission Monthly, 35: 1]

April 1, 1924. “A letter has just come from one of our students…”

April 10, 1928. “On March 18th Pine Mountain encountered its greatest loss and its richest spiritual gain…”