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Barbara Wilbur Faulkner, PMSS teacher, housemother, bookkeeper, 1930s
Barbara Wilbur Faulkner Correspondence , 1931-1956


Oradelle Malan, Alice Cobb, and “Barbie” [Barbara] Faulkner, standing in the snow. [X_100_workers_2562c_mod.jpg]

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BARBARA WILBUR FAULKNER Correspondence, 1931-1956

Barbara Wilbur Faulkner (1911-2002) worked in various positions at the Pine Mountain Settlement School during the 1930s. Over a period of approximately five years beginning in August 1932, she served as a teacher, housemother, and as bookkeeper in the School’s Office.

On November 9, 1933, Barbara Wilbur married co-worker James (Jim) L. Faulkner in the Chapel. He was a mechanics instructor at the School from 1933 to 1937. 

The following correspondence is primarily between Barbara and Glyn Morris, PMSS Director, covering Miss Wilbur’s application to serve as a volunteer at Pine Mountain Settlement School and her preparations to travel to the School after accepting the position.

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[Note: All letters from PMSS staff are carbon copies, typewritten and unsigned and are meant for the Office files. The initials at the bottom left of some PMSS letters indicate the writer (along with initials of the secretary). For example “M” or “GAM” indicates Glyn Morris. The transcriptions are in chronological order and not necessarily in order of the image numbers.]


003-003c November 18, 1931. Handwritten three-page application letter to “Superintendent of Pine Mountain School” from Barbara Wilbur in Norton, MA. [003] Applies for a teaching position at PMSS; interested in doing social service work; will receive an A.B. from Wheaton College [003a] in June [1932]; majored in English Literature and minored in Religion; describes her practical experience; [003b] gives contact for references.

 004 November 25, 1931. To Miss Wilbur from GAM [Glyn A. Morris], Director. Encloses an application blank.


001 April 30, 1932. Application Blank for Barbara Wilbur.
Address: Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts

Age: 20 years 9 months

Education: Keene (NH) High School, Wheaton College

What line of work at Pine Mountain Interests you? Bible Study, Recreation

Training and experience? Playground work, night school teaching, social service work at college

Other interests? The theater, Y.W.C.A. work, athletics

Volunteer or a salaried position? Volunteer ….

How did you become interested in work at Pine Mountain? Through reading pamphlets…

References: a superintendent of schools and the Wheaton College Appointment Bureau

002-002a May 14, 1932. [002] Completed reference blank from the Superintendent of Schools, Norton, MA. [002a] Handwritten addenda on the reverse side of the blank: As a teacher in an evening school, “Miss Wilbur was exceptionally strong in getting the others to organize activities. …She held the interest and respect of a group of men – a hard job. I admire her very much.”

005-005b April 10, 1932. Handwritten three-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur. [005] “I realize increasingly how limited opportunities for positions are going to be this year. While [005a] it is necessary for me to find a position which will make some return for my preparation, I would be very glad if possible to meet whatever conditions you might offer. I am especially [005b] interested in your school.”

006 April 14, 1932. To Miss Wilbur from Glyn Morris. Although “swamped” with applications, PMSS can have one or two volunteers; PMSS will supply maintenance. Encloses application blank.

007 April 18, 1932. Handwritten three-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur, [007] who writes that she has already sent him a completed application blank. [007a] Expresses an interest in the volunteer position and ask for details. [007b] Besides her major and minor subjects, she is interested in recreation.

008 April 27, 1932. To Miss Wilbur from Glyn Morris. PMSS can use a playground director on weekends; and perhaps Miss Wilbur can help with the required courses in Bible. He’s unable to find her application blank, so is enclosing another.

009-009b April 27, 1932. Handwritten three-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur, [009] who is interested in the volunteer position but asks [009a] for more details and dates of the school year. She will be at camp in August and unable to come to PMSS until [009b] September. Can PMSS pay her transportation? Encloses the application blank.

010-010b May 18, 1932. Handwritten three-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur. Since the fall term begins in late August [010a] she is willing to leave camp early. Learned more about PMSS from Mrs. Buffum [010b] of Keene, NH. Can send her recommendations.

011 May 24, 1932. Typewritten letter to Mr. Morris from Assistant Appointment Secretary, Wheaton College in Norton, MA. Encloses recommendations from several professors and an account of Miss Wilbur’s courses. She “is an extremely enthusiastic young woman who is genuinely interested in social service work…” 

012 July 12, 1932. To Miss Wilbur from Glyn Morris, who describes “Little School” and asks if she is interested.

015-015a July 20, 1932. Handwritten two-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur, who [015] asks when to arrive at PMSS; asks for travel details. [015a] Closing and signature.

013-014 July 23, 1932. Two-page letter to Miss Wilbur in Keene, NH, from [unsigned, likely Morris], who [013] forgot that he had made other arrangements for “Little School,” but needs a volunteer high school teacher, housemothers’ relief, oversight of evening study hour, and possibly playground help. Asks her to arrive on August 19 and provides train travel instructions. [014] She should send her trunk to Putney, KY, where a logging train will bring it to PMSS. Gives clothing advice: no silk but “simplicity of dress,” a horse-riding outfit, and heavy winter clothing.

016 July 29, 1932. Handwritten two-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur, who [016] will come to PMSS on the train from Washington to Harlan. [016a] Asks for directions to Laden; also for teaching details.

017 August 3, 1932. To Miss Wilbur from [unsigned, apparently Morris], Director. Gives information about train travel from Harlan to Laden. A new high school principal, Miss Emily Frank, has yet to determine the teaching schedule. 

018-018a August 11, 1932. Handwritten two-page letter to Mr. Morris from Barbara Wilbur, [018] who will travel a route recommended by the agent: via Knoxville and Middlesboro. Gives arrival date and time. [018a] “I do not understand your suggestion of the mule. However, if that is a choice of transportation, I would enjoy it.”


019 July 26, 1933. To Miss Wilbur in Keene, NH, from [unsigned]. Asks for information about “Winfield” and the proposition that Miss Wilbur’s brother offered.


020-020a September 10, 1956. Handwritten two-page letter to “Dorothy” from Mrs. James L. Faulkner in Ridlonville, ME, who [020] is teaching school in Maine and asks PMSS for a certificate of service in teaching at PMSS in order to benefit from the retirement system. She worked in 1932-33 with the day pupils grades 1-6. [020a – missing image]

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