de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 32. Letters to her family. January-June 1916.

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors

de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 32. Letters to her family. January-June 1916.

Folder 32. Letters to her family.  January-June 1916. 32 items.

“Dearest of dears—Monday evening & a bright fire in my grate—a sleeping cat on my couch—& a pleasant sense of much accomplished through the day…”

“Dearest Two—Did I ever write you that while Christmas was the whitest of days—and cold, too—we had Christmas Eve supper on the terrace?”

Fri. 12 P.M.  “yes, I think the Xmas cards were charming too…”

“Dearest Two—It is 6.10 of a morning—a bit chilly because my fire is just going…”

“My dears—The storeroom is moved & cleaned & I have nearly finished cleaning…”

“Dear Ladies—A cold cold moonlighted white world outside…”

“Buffalo.  My dears—My last engagement here is Friday P.M. & I take sleeper to….”

Tues.  “Such a lovely visit followed by such lovely letters….”

Wed.  “Helen my dear—I wam now bowling along to Philadelphia…”

“Well, my dear lady, And how are you this morning?  Hit’s cold…”

Postmarked New York, Grand Central Station, February 21.  “Your birthday morning, my dear, and I am so happy to think that what I writte on this auspicious day you can read.”

“My darling ladies—Here’s a howdy to you, and dozens of thanks…”

“Great to have your dear letter on my arrival here, my lady.”

Fragment.  “play. Sat A.M. we’ll spend money—my valentine, for instance…”

“My dears—I shall not stop in New London on Thurs….”

“My dears—Tues A.M.—& for how long a time I haven’t sent you a word!”

Sat. “Well—dear ladies—this train is  1 1/2 hrs. late…”

“My dears—Why don’t I hear from you?”

“So much relieved to know it wasn’t illness that kept you silent.”

“Sat. Night. 9.30  Here am I, dearest Mother, with 15 minutes quiet in the station…”

Sat.  “Dearest Two—Here am I at Pineville, ‘saddled & bridled & booted; as it were…”

“April 12—& 12 children, no, 13, had their bi-weekly bath tonight…”

“My dears—I could not write you yesterday as I wished because one of Henry Creech’s children (Crystal, 3 1/2 yrs.) was burned to death….”

“Dearest Ladies—It is raining hard outside—dogwood winter today, but…”

Friday.  “You will scarcely be able to believe my dears, that I have just come from Henry Creech’s house….”

Fri.  “Terribly grieved & shocked over Blanche’s death.”

Monday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—I can’t begin to tell you how much I have thought of you and Will and Blanche and Kenneth…”

“Dearest Mother & Helen—Mary Rockwell & I are just starting out to stake out the schoolhouse & the deck of a place she is aiming to build for herself…”

Wed. P.M.  “My dearest lady, ladies, I mean!  There should be a dual voice as there is in Greek…”

Dears—Miss Rockwell is leaving, So are Miss Wyman & Mr. Brockway.”

[June 11] Sunday.  “Last night’s mail brought…”

Northampton.  Sat. A.M.  “Dearest Ladies—Before chapel! and I am trying to get off answers to the various letters I found here, chief of all, to you two.”

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