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Hager Blair, student memorabilia

The following memorabilia was gathered by Hager Blair, a former student at Pine Mountain Settlement School in the 1940s. It was sent to the Director at Pine Mountain Settlement by Mr. Blair and is added to the record for Mr. Blair.

In the note accompanying the donation of material, Mr. Blair wrote

9-17-07 [2007]
PMSS Pine Mountain, KY

Thank each and ever one of the people at PMSS who over the past few years have answered my questions and sent me material that has re-newed me to my pat at PMSS.

It is not easy to visit a place after almost sixty-five year and on a (Sunday) when no one is there to understand the total feeling that this place was once alive and heart-throbbing 24-7.

I have read all the pamphlets and the history of PMSS (this or another one I read when i arrived in 1940. Again, i thank you.

Going through some of my old things i have came across some items from PMSS i am sending these along — you may do with them as you think appropriate. With me they would just be thrown away.

Note: Yes the Laden trail was the way i got there in 1940. In 1941 i walked to the top of Pine Mt. got a ride — in 1943 when i visited for an hour or so i walked from the top down to the campus. I will always remember my happy days there.

NOTE: The Calendar and a couple other items I have carried all over the world in war and other times. —If I could only print the image of PMSS from my head as it was in 1940.