HISTORY PMSS Summary 1975-1976

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1975-1976

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Rob Belser, E. E.
Deborah Boggs, West Wind
Mae Boggs, Laurel House
Matthew Boggs, Night Watchman
Ruth Boggs, Bookkeeper
Bill Brannan, Environmental Education Coordinator
Lauranell Brannan, E. E. Staff
Asbel Browning, Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Jess Cornett, Maintenance
Afton Garrison, E. E. staff
Alice Harris, Housekeeping
Sandra Lewis, Office Secretary
Omer Lewis, Maintenance Supervisor & Farm Manager
Jess Patterson, Maintenance
Mary Rogers, Librarian, E. E.
Marlyn Smith, Maintenance
Mildred Wilder, Laurel House
Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus, Correspondence with donors
Alvin Boggs, Director

Traditional Events: Homecoming, Community Fair, Nativity Play

Interns: Ann Sicilian, Marci Friedman, Lynn McFarlan, Cami Hamilton, Ann Gutjahr, Jan Fullingtron, Remembrance Chipman


10-day December term on Appalachian culture, with volunteer services of Alice Cobb. 2-week January term with Berea College credit, with volunteer services of Nancy Sather.

Pine Mountain post office was closed December 5, 1975, in line with government policy of consolidating small post offices, and in spite of PMSS efforts.

Report of deaths of Mrs. Delia Creech (August, 1975) and Mrs. Arwilla Creech Lewis (October, 1975), with acknowledgment of the contributions of both ladies.

5 work camp groups contributed services to PMSS, many of them providing their own…

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Page 2, 1975-76

…food and lodging while they worked. Workers from the forestry camp (Department of Corrections) were available for some jobs at PMSS.

Special PMSS programs included Ethics Workshop, Medical Plants Workshop, Appalachian Experience, Spinning Bee.

Mr. Edward Dabney resigned after many years of service as Trustee and Treasurer, and was made an Honorary Trustee. Mr. Arthur Abshire was voted as Trustee and Treasurer. The Board continued its discussion of the need to increase income to meet rising costs. An organ fund was established for the purpose of needed major repair of the Holtcamp organ.

Three adults (Preston & Lane Lewis, Ann Sicilian) striving to organize a service for emotionally disturbed children were housed at PMSS while they attempted to secure financial backing for the project. 4 Berea student teachers working at Green Hills School were lodged at PMSS March – April. A Southeast Community College Upward Bound unit resided at PMSS for 5 weeks in summer. Mrs. Mary McIntyre lived at Pine Mountain while working as an aide at Abner’s Branch School.

Several staff women organized a “Trimmers’ Club,” and met for exercise.

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