HISTORY PMSS Summary 1981-1982

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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1981-1982

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

George Bartnik, E. E. Coordinator
Boyd Boggs, Maintenance
Matthew Boggs, Night Watchman
Ruth Boggs, Bookkeeper
Gerry Brown, W. W. & Laurel House
Asbel Browning, Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Margaret Buchanon [Buchanan?], E. E.
Lonnie Callahan, Maintenance
William Callahan, Maintenance
Mark Dalton, Acting E. E. Coordinator, Jan. – June
Afton Garrison, E. E., Half-time
Cami Hamilton, E. E.
Alice Harris, Laurel House
Darlene Henderson, Office Secretary
Omer Lewis, Maintenance Supervisor & Farm Manager
Ruth Lewis, Laurel House
Sue Lewis, Laurel House
Ethel Middleton, Laurel House
Mary Rogers, Librarian, E. E.
Marlyn Smith, Maintenance
Bonnie Southworth, E. E.
Andrew Stowe, E. E.
Maxine Turner, Laurel House
Mildred Wilder, Laurel House
Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus, Correspondence with donors
Alvin Boggs, Director


Sue Reed, Jill Benedict, Marjorie Marenberg, Scott Hassler, Dee ____(?), Barbara Johnson, Susie Alexander

Traditional Events:

Community FairNativity Play, Homecoming

Other Events:

There was a week-long Day Camp for community children.

Community school students (1949-1971) held a supper reunion.

Community use of the FNS – Pine Mountain clinic increased.

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Page 2, 1981-82

Red Bird Mission sponsored a pre-school one afternoon per week in Burkham Bldg.

PMSS Trustees voted to contract with the Dollar Branch Coal Co. for deep-mining on a 60 acre tract of PMSS property.

James Greene III, Harlan, completed a doctoral dissertation at Ohio State University on “Progressives in the Southern Mountains,” a history of Pine Mountain Settlement School 1913 – 1930’s. Lee R. Anderson completed a photographic exhibition on the history of PMSS as a master’s project at the University of Louisville. Walter Oldendorf, Berea College Department of Education, completed a study (with accompanying photos) of PMSS.

Following the death of long-time Trustee and PMSS friend Kenneth Thompson, Springer Hoskins was elected Secretary of the Board of Trustees. Mildred Mahoney agreed to record the minutes and submit the copy to Springer Hoskins.

Berea professor Bill Best was elected as a Berea representative to the PMSS Board, succeeding Kenneth Thompson.

In Executive Session during the April Board Meeting, Trustees voted to ask Director Alvin Boggs to become Associate Director in charge of Development, as soon as a new PMSS Director is appointed.

The Alumni Association undertook Laurel House improvements. Kenneth Henderson, husband of office secretary Darlene Henderson, donated his labor to re-wire Laurel House. Bill and Phillip Hayes made and installed dining room lighting fixtures.

Trustee Marian Kingman (former PMSS staff member, retired Berea faculty member) resigned from the PMSS Board, in preparation for her move to a retirement community in North Carolina. She was named an honorary PMSS trustee. Dr. Tom Boyd, Berea Assistant Professor of Sociology, was elected to succeed Ms. Kingman as a Berea representative on the PMSS Board of Trustees.

The Board enacted the recommendation of the Alumni Association that they elect their representative directly, to serve a regular 6-year-term.

Mary Rogers received awards from the National Science for Youth Foundation, and the Kentucky Society of Natural History, in recognition of her contributions through the PMSS Environmental Education program.

The Harlan Co. Poke Sallet Festival was held at PMSS for the 7th (and final) year, to be returned to Harlan.

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