DR. EVELYN HOLT Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Dr. Evelyn Holt, Physician at Big Laurel, July 1928

DR. EVELYN HOLT Correspondence

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[Correspondence from PMSS Staff were carbon copies of typewritten letters. Dr. Holt’s letters to PMSS were typewritten unless indicated otherwise.]

holt_evelyn_001 – Dr. Evelyn Holt to Evelyn K. Wells, Jan 22, 1928 (handwritten)
Asked about PMSS need for a volunteer MD for 4 weeks and Dr. Withington’s summer schedule.

“I’d like to spend my vacation (1 month…either July or August) working in Mts. if that will be useful there & if expense of procuring [Kentucky] license is not excessive.”

holt_evelyn_002 – Wells to Holt, Jan 28, 1928
“We are immensely interested in your brief but pithy memorandum and will be happy to plan for you for a month this summer.”

holt_evelyn_003 – Unsigned to Holt, Feb 10, 1928
According to Withington, a license is probably not necessary for anyone coming temporarily;  Withington will be gone 2 months.

holt_evelyn_004 – Holt to Wells, Feb 16, 1928
Cannot stay for 2 months – I have only a one-month vacation – awaiting final say from “boss.”

holt_evelyn_006 – Holt to Wells, Apr 2, 1928
Probably can get off for four weeks this summer; asked about clothing, etc. 

holt_evelyn_007 – Wells to Holt, Apr 21, 1928
Update on Medical Settlement summer schedule and answers to Holt’s questions:

“Dr. Withington feels she must get away on May 24 and, until you come, our nurse, Miss [Marian] Purbrick, will look after the things she is absolutely committed to. Dr. Withington has an arrangement with the lumber camp about seven miles from Big Laurel, whereby she goes there twice a week as camp doctor, and she cannot leave them unprovided for. Miss Purbrick can go until she leaves, and then we hope for you.” …let us know what you can do and we will make the necessary adjustments….

“Summers vary a good deal in the work a doctor has to do. Two summers ago, the nurse on duty had practically nothing to do — no confinement cases, no serious illness. Last summer both doctor and nurse were extremely busy, with a bad epidemic of “the bloody flux.” You will have the camp work regularly and one confinement case at least…..”

“Dr. Withington says perhaps you’d better bring “a few knives” if you are specially attached to them, but otherwise, you will find the instruments here that you need. Drugs and supplies can be ordered from here, at short notice, and she will leave you with something to start out with. … Yes, it’s hot in the daytime. You’ll want linen or khaki riding things, with cotton crepe or gingham to wear when you’re spending a day at home. Rain things for riding are important, of course, and your favorite old sweater!”

“We will, by the way, pay your living expenses while you are here….every member of the Medical Settlement family pools $25.00 a month in the family purse, from which the housekeeper provides for the family.”

Asked if Holt can suggest a nurse to work with her.

holt_evelyn_009 – Holt to Wells, May 28, 1928
Expects to arrive late on June 30th. 

holt_evelyn_012 – Wells to Holt, June 22, 1928
Harmon Turner, “The equerry in waiting for Big Laurel” will meet you with your horse Maud. Lumber camp to be shut down for July. 

holt_evelyn_013 – Holt to Pettit, July 28, 1928
Thanks Pettit for her kindness and that of everyone else at P.M. and Big Laurel. “I enjoyed every minute of the month and am very grateful to you for letting me see the beauty of the country, the work of the school and the lives of the people. Although I was there for a short time only, I feel that I left behind many good friends…”

holt_evelyn_014 – Holt to Katherine Pettit, Aug 29, 1928 (handwritten)
Sending donation from one of her nurse friends, Miss Isabella Walton, who is interested in PMSS and “is the sort of person who will interest others.”; asked for PMSS literature.

holt_evelyn_015 – Pettit to Holt, Sept 3, 1928
“I just want you to know how grateful we are to you for coming to us this summer, and I wish you could hear the down Greasy people talk about ‘Doc, the young’un,’ for indeed you did leave behind many friends…”

holt_evelyn_016 & 016a Pettit to Walton, Sept 5, 1928
Describes PMSS in detail.

holt_evelyn_017 – Dec 10, 1928, Holt to Pettit (handwritten)
Sent 1/2 of the amount needed for Suse (Susan E.) Turner’s two youngest children & “will collect the remainder before the winter is over.”

holt_evelyn_018 – Dec 19, 1928, AM to Holt
Polly Turner is the only one of the children at PMSS

holt_evelyn_019 – Dec 24, 1928, AM to Holt
Receipt of Holt’s check from Mrs. Farny and Miss Constance Holt “and yourself.”

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