ELLWOOD J. CARR Botanical Collection Herbary

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 22: Environmental Education

Series 23: Ellwood J. Carr Botanical Collection


TAGS: Ellwood J. Carr; Ellwood J. Carr Botanical Collection; Chenoa, Kentucky; botanical specimens; herbs; The Herbary of Carr; botanists; naturalists

“The Herbary of Carr” was a large repository of botanical specimens located in the family general store at Chenoa, Kentucky. It was “The Herbary” and the associated material that Ellwood J. Carr, a naturalist, gave to Pine Mountain Settlement School and that constitutes the center of the Ellwood J. Carr Botanical Collection at the School.

The following images depict pages of a brochure that was part of the many publications that Carr produced related to his work.

GALLERY: Ellwood J. Carr Botanical Collection Herbary

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