VI FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS: BX 34 – Old Timers 1

Photographs – Friends and Neighbors, c. 1913-1940s
Pine Mountain Settlement School

Friends and Neighbors is listed as Series VI in the Berea Guide to the Pine Mountain Settlement School Records, Part B. The photographs are an aggregation of images taken from many sources and thematically grouped by Mary Rogers.

In this particular large series there are, according to the Berea record, 1102 “mounted” images. The “mounting” is largely on construction paper with heavy glue and many of the images are beginning to show signs of migration through to the emulsion side of the photograph. For this reason, it makes good sense to attempt to preserve the images through digital means.

The large series is thematically grouped into sets. This set is # 34-1

The Friends and Neighbors series dates largely from 1913, the founding date of the school, through the 1940s. There is some attempt to range the images according to date, but many of the images are undated and determining the exact dates is not possible unless it was recorded in association with the image.

The families and individuals represented in SET I in Series VI have been identified as follows:

Boggs Becky
Creech Robert
Creech “2-Squire Creeches”
Cornett Everett
Cornett Richmond
Cornett Flossie
Cornett Thelma
Cornett Eva
Cornett Max
Cornett Otis
Cornett Curt
Cornett Edna
Cornett Mae
Cornett Jane
Cornett Cam
Cornett Ernest
Cornett Harrison
Day Georgia
Hall Arnie
Hall Belvie
Hall Delra
Hall Melvin
Hall Cecil
Hall Bonnie
Hall Frances
Hall Letty