Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 19: Students

Student, November 1927 – January 1928

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According to student records in the Collections of Pine Mountain Settlement School, Victor Wooten was a student at the School for a very short time. At age 14, he entered sixth grade at the School on November 16, 1927, and left by the end of January 1928. His mother, Mrs. V.G. Wooten, wrote of her desire that he attend PMSS, but her statement that he “prefer[red] work to study” may be a clue to determining Victor Wooten’s adjustment to the rigors of PMSS studies.

Victor George Wooten, Jr., was born in Kentwood, Louisiana, on May 21, 1913, to Mr. and Mrs. Victor George Wooten, Sr.

[NOTE: It is not known whether Victor Wooten is related to the Wooton Family which has a different spelling of the surname.] 


[NOTE: The list below is in chronological order and may not correspond to the order of the images.]

SCAN0271. PMSS Record Sheet for “Wooten, Victor George.” Date of Birth: May 21, 1913. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. V.G. Wooten, Shonn, KY. Date of Entering, November 16, 1927. Date of Leaving: End of January 1928. [No grades are recorded.]

SCAN0273 and SCAN0274. November 1, 1927 – Handwritten 2-page letter from Mrs. V.G. Wooten, Shonn, KY, to Miss Katherine Pettit.

I am very anxious to have my son enter your school so am writing to see if you have a vacancy…. He is fourteen, large for age, and only in fifth grade, preferring work to study. Am sure your school would be a wonderful help and training for him.

We are people of very limited means so I hope you will consent to take him as I know your school is inexpensive…..

SCAN0275. November 3, 1927 – Carbon copy of typewritten letter from KP [Katherine Pettit] to V.G. Wooten, Shonn, KY.

SCAN0272. November 9, 1927 – PMSS reservation card for Victor Geo. Wooten, age 14, born in Kentwood, LA, May 21, 1913. School last attended: Shonn, 5th grade.

SCAN0276. November 9, 1927 – Handwritten letter from Mrs. V.G. Wooten, Shonn, KY, to Miss Pettit, thanking Pettit for accepting Victor.

SCAN0277. December 1, 1927 – Tuition bill sent to Mr. V.G. Wooten, Shonn, KY, for Victor for book rental, Nov. & Dec. tuition and “Sick at house 1 day.” Total $5.20


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