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Kendall T. Bassett
Vocational Guidance Program

Kendall Bassett Vocational Guidance Program at PMSS, 1929. Part II, page 1. [bassett_plan_II_001]

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KENDALL T. BASSETT Vocational Guidance Program

The following industrial education plan was developed by Kendall T. Bassett in 1929 and represents the earliest comprehensive plan for vocational training or industrial education at the School. Bassett describes the purpose of the program:

The children of this school come from districts in which there is little or no opportunity to observe or come in contact with a varied occupational or vocational life. Many of them go from here out of the mountains or into other regions where they come in contact with a very complex industrial and economic situation which is entirely foreign to them. It is the purpose of this plan to formulate a method which will aid the student in making this adjustment in a more intelligent and in an easier manner. This plan will also attempt to give these students a more intelligent conception of the opportunities in the industrial and professional life of today in which they might possibly enter. 

The cooperation by all the staff at the School was solicited and they were to see the connection between their work and the vocational interests of the students, what Kendall Bassett called “try-out” work. In the plan, he advocates the rotation of boys and girls through various “try-out” work according to their interests. Accompanying the work plan would be a class called “Occupations” which would be conducted for students and be held three times a week. The topics covered would focus on economics and civics and would engage outside speakers in order to provide real-world practice. Of note is the inclusion of agricultural work which Bassett stresses is “just as much a part of the program as any other department.”


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