Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 4-A: Pine Mountain Settlement School History – Creech Family

1931 Creech Letters (one letter)


Envelope [creech_015.jpg].

Philip Roettinger to Henry Clay [H.C.] Creech, postmarked April 14, 1931. [Letter is missing.]

Letter from Margaret B. Watkins to Mrs. Creech [n.d.] [5 pages 016-020]

Mrs. Margaret B. Watkins in Roland Park, Baltimore, MD, responds to Mrs. Creech’s letter. She describes a visit from Miss Smith of Berea College, who had an exhibit of mountain work in Baltimore and knew Mr. Creech, “your husband’s father”  and a speaker at a church tea who had been in China. She mentions not hearing from Miss Wheeler ; helping Mrs. Campbell with sewing ; a son’s wedding ; and gardening at the PMSS farm.

GALLERY: Envelope and 5-page letter

TRANSCRIPTION: Envelope [creech_015.jpg]. April 14, 1931. Philip Roettinger to Henry Clay [H.C.] Creech. [Letter is missing.]

Return Address:

Mr Henry Clay Creech
Pine Mt
Harlan Co, Ky.


TRANSCRIPTION: Margaret B. Watkins to Mrs. Creech [n.d.] [5 pages 016-020]

Page 01. [creech_016.jpg]

214 Ridgewood Road
Roland Park, Baltimore

My dear Mrs. Creech –

You see I am back in Baltimore. Your letter was forwarded to me from Campbell, Va[?] and I got it when I was at the Girls Grindley[?] House.

I came over there to help out with some emergency work. While down there we had the worst snow storm of the winter — in fact the snow was deeper than it has been for years — twenty-six inches…

Page 02. [creech_019.jpg]

…on the level[?]. Since then we have had a much colder spell but not so much snow and wind.

Miss Smith of Berea College has recently been in Baltimore with an exhibit of the work done in that part of the mountains. We invited her out here to have tea with us one afternoon – and I enjoyed her particularly because she had been to the Pine Mountain School and knew all about Mr. Creech, your…

Page 03. [creech_017.jpg]

…husband’s father. She told so many interesting things about Berea. I feel that I would like to go there to work.

Our church here in Roland Park had a parish tea last Tuesday and a deaconess who has been in China for the last ten years told us about her work at St. Hilda’s School, Wuchang.

One hears so many interesting things that are being done all over the country — it makes one ashamed to sit around and do nothing.

I have not heard from Miss Wheeler for sometime. Am afraid I have not answered her last letter. Since I’ve been out here I’ve been helping Mrs. Campbell make some house dresses. We have made four and have four more to make. I am making some shirtwaists for myself. I have also knitted a scarf and am half finished a sweater for one of my Virginia cousins.

Page 04. [creech_018.jpg]

So you see I haven’t exactly been idle.

The youngest son in the family is to be married in June, and I have known him since he was nine months old – and am devoted to him – He is the very nicest boy I’ve ever come in contact with and I am greatly interested in his marriage – and am so sorry I can not afford to go on to Boston for the wedding. It would mean not only the traveling expenses but a…

Page 05. [creech_020.jpg]

…new dress and all that goes with it.

I hear signs of dinner, and must get ready to go downstairs.

I suppose you all will soon be getting ready to make garden and do the planting on the farm. I certainly hope there will be fruit this year. We have certainly missed it during the winter.

Please remember me to Mr. Creech and accept love[?] for yourself and the little ones.

Always your friend
Margaret B. Watkins