de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 22. Clippings, Cards, and Other Ephemera, Arabella and Helen de Long.

Folder 22.  Clippings, Cards, and Other Ephemera, Arabella and Helen de Long. 38 items.

Postcard. Rockport and Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts,  The Pine Path

Postcard. Rockport and Pigeon Cove,  Rockport through the willows

Postacrd.  Photo of woman standing in front of a frame house

Postcard.  Baptist Church, Meredith, N.Y.

Place card for Helen de Long.

Two Christmas Cards by Helen de Long.

“To Mother and Baby.”  Unused greeting card.

Clipping.  Photo of “the old paint factory.”

“Easter Greetings”   Greeting card

“Joy in the opening flower”   Greeting card

Clipping. “A Song of Life” from Woman’s Missionary Friend April 1899

Article, “A Letter to the Rising Generation” from Atlantic Monthly February 1911

“O, Dry Those Tears”  Typed poem

“The New Year”  Typed poem.

“Easter Morning of Any Morning”  Handwritten poem.

Quote from George Eliot

“Little Rituals of Beauty”

“Let us ask ourselves this question”

Important Suggestions for applicants from Southern Teachers’ Agency

“When You Smile”  Set of handmade cards

Handwritten sympathy card to Miss de Long from Sarah

Easter card with angels

Calling card, Helen de Long, with Biblical quote

Clipping.  “An October Chat” by Edith Austin.

Clipping.  “The Carpenters” by W.A.D.

Greeting card,  “Why is a tamale like an egg..?”

Handbill.  “Make Me a Captive, Lord”

“Mary Speaks”  Set of handwritten Christmas poems.

“My love to all those…”  Handwritten card

“Just as Tired as You”  Set of three typed poems

Quote from Isaiah

“His Journey Home!”  Typed patriotic poem

“Hoover’s Going to Get You.”  Handwrtten poem about the “Hoover Pledge”

Code of Manners.  “For Mrs. de Long”

Clipping.  “Social Activities and Personal Mention.” Ethel de Long speaking in Evanston.

Unidentified photograph.  Group of young women in white dresses with garlands.

Unidentified photograph.  Frame house with rail fence in front.

Dried plant.