de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series III – Folder 3. Letters 1912.

Folder 3.  Letters 1912. 10 items. 

[January 1, 1912]  “I send you my greatest treasure—my remembrance of you.”

“Wednesday, the tenth of January Nineteen hundred twelve My own dearest Lassie:—Your very precious letter came to me as a sweet surprise last night…”

January 29, 1912.  “Heigh, ho, Heigh [illeg] What a big snow storm we are in…”

“Friday the 16th 1912 My dear, dear, dearest Lassie:—I’ve just this minute finished my small offering…”

Feburary 21, 1912.  “Wishing you much joy, and ‘many happy returns of the day’  My Sweetheart, Friend, and most beloved daughter Helen:—Though the distance between us, is insurmountable, for the present…”

[March 18, 1912]  “The nun within the convent walls, Kneels in her narrow cell to pray…” [closing page is missing]

“’Truth is the strength and the kingdom and the power and the majesty of all ages.’” [the 21st of the month it was written]

“My beloved daughters, Ethel and Helen:—To say that, I love you, would be strange indeed…”

April 3, 1912.  “Oh—my darling children my heart and voice and my whole being is just as joyous as possibly can be…”

“Helen:—my own darling daughter—I think you cannot possibly comprehend just what your precious words, of deepest love and tenderness mean to me…”