de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS. Series II – Folder 9. Letters to her family. 1913.

Folder 9.  Letters to her family.  1913.  16 items. 

January 2, 1913.  “Thursday before breakfast—Good morning, mother darling!”

January 5, 1913.Pompton, New Jersey.  “My sweetest, little mother:—My thoughts are with you…”

[January 7, 1913] Tuesday evening.  “Mother my darling:—How I should love to take you in my arms…”

January 9, 1913.  Thursday morning.  “You dearest little lady:—You don’t know how perfectly…”

January 11 [1913].  Saturday.  “Mother darling:—What a fine new bath robe kimona you did send…”

January 13, 1913.  Pompton, New Jersey.  Monday.  “Mother darling:—There wasn’t any special reason for my not writing to you yesterday…”

Wednesday night.  “Mother most beloved:—Dear me!  I haven’t had a letter from you since Monday…”

January 16, 1913.  Pompton, New Jersey.  “To the dearest mother in all the world, heart’s greeting!”

January 18 [1913]. Saturday.  “My! such a lot of Saturday jobs as I have been doing…”

February 9, 1913.  Pompton, New Jersey.  “Mother most dear:—As you surmised from my Friday postal…”

April 11, 1913.  Pompton, New Jersey.  “Six weeks from tomorrow, which will be the twenty-fourth of May, I expect to leave Pompton en route for South Dennis…”

Pompton, New Jersey.  Wednesday morning.  Dearest mother:—It is only quarter past eight…”

April 14, 1913. Pompton.  “Mother most dear:—Three days since I have written to you…”

April 16, 1913. Pompton.  “And still my vacation lasts!”

Sunday evening.  “Mother darlingest:—My bestest love to you, my sweet…”

Tuesday, August 26.  “It’s really not at all inappropriate, dears…”