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Fred Baker Student, 1947-1949
Correspondence, 1947-1949

FRED BAKER Correspondence

01 Fred Baker Correspondence, December 18, 1947, page 1. [baker_fred_1947-50-1]

FRED BAKER Correspondence, 1947 – 1949

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The following is a list of contents of four letters handwritten by PMSS student Fred Baker in 1947. They were addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baker of Hazard, Kentucky, with the salutation, “Dear Aunt Bess.”


01 December 18, 1947. Three-page letter to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baker (“Dear Aunt Bess”) in Hazard, KY,  from Fred Baker at PMSS. He describes what he has learned this semester in English (spelling, punctuation); science (stars, universe, hurricanes); 
02 (Page 2) mathematics (decimals); Bible; shops (mechanics, assembling a car, woodworking); civics;
03 (Page 3) farm (“sometimes it is hard work”). “We have a little but good community. We can make it better by helping the people that need help and by taking responsibility… I like to play ball and run about in the mountains. In my leisure time, I’m on the playground most of the time. In the evening we have to study for two hours. We have [a] free hour after we study…. My conduct in the house is all right sometimes. I get wild sometimes and have a good time. We wrestle a lot in the house and have broken a thing or two.”


04 May 20, 1948. Three-page letter to Mr. Ted Baker (“Dear Aunt Bess”) from Fred Baker. He tells about learning “to be concerned for others”; “working with my hands”; English (“speaking better grammar”);
05 (Page 2) woodworking (“I have accomplished a lot in the ways to make your head and hands work together.”); mathematics; science (universe, stars, moon); Bible (spiritual growth.
07 (Page 3) Biblical heroes); history. Fred lists the things he plans to improve upon.

09 December 20, 1948. Three-page letter to Mrs. Ted Baker (“Dear Aunt Bess”) from Fred Baker. “My attitude for work & other people has improved a lot at Pine Mountain. I look out for other people better than I did, and help in the work if I can.” He tells about hauling coal under direction of Mr. [Brit] Wilder; the Chapel; English;
10 (Page 2) Economics (“the way people make a living”, big business, government, environment). In Co-op,  he has learned about the Co-op’s history and “how the co-ops help people. I learned how to buy things better than I did.”; woodwork; history (“The way some of our great cities of ancient times were built and the laws of the people”).
11 (Page 3) He wishes “to show more concern for others next term and to improve in all my subjects.” 


12 May 19, 1949. Three-page letter to Mr. Ted Baker (“Dear Aunt Bess”) from Fred Baker. “As the end of the year draws near, it is a time of happiness & sorrow as there will not be high school here next year…. We are all like brothers & sisters here so we must think of others as well as ourselves. I help them when I can & they help me, just like one big family.” Tells of working on furnaces and the truck,
13 (Page 2) under Mr. Wilder’s supervision (“Mr. Wilder is a kind of man I like to work with.”). In English he improved in spelling and grammar in speaking and writing. He describes his other subjects, such as economics; Co-op and working in the Co-op store;
14 (Page 3) history (government); woodworking. “I hope to finish high school after I leave here, & to learn enough to be able to make a good living.”

15 Image of file folder for “Baker, Fred, 1947-50.”

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