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Eva Dale Adams, Student 1942-1945
Self-evaluation Letters to her Parents 1944

EVA DALE ADAMS Correspondence

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EVA DALE ADAMS Correspondence
May and December 1944

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CONTENTS: Eva Dale Adams Correspondence

The following is a list of contents of two letters handwritten by PMSS student Eva Dale Adams on May 24, 1944, and December 23, 1944. They were addressed to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Adams of Ermine, Kentucky.

01 May 25, 1944. Four-page letter to Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Adams of Ermine, KY, from their daughter, Eva Dale. She comments on her activities in English class (Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Address, poetry, writing news items); Sociology; 
02 (Page 2) Hygiene (“In my community work…I have learned how to deal with different people since the first of school.”); Current History (reports on latest war news or politics, understanding editorials); 
03 (Page 3) Music (classical music, composers, Ballads Club under Miss Smith); Ethics (Bible, Inquirers’ Class). Work experience: “The first 9 weeks I worked under Miss Creech as dining room hostess. The second 9 weeks and the third 9 weeks I worked at West Wind which I liked very much working for my supervisor Mrs. [Georgia Ayers] Dodd…. The fourth term I worked at the Infirmary and I enjoyed every minute working there….”
04 (Page 4) Leisure time: cleaning clothes, studying, and working.

05 December 23, 1944. Four-page letter to Mr. and Mrs. Byrd Adams of Ermine, KY, from their daughter, Eva Dale. “…[It] is time to make my report to you for the last time.” Chemistry (symbols, formulas, molecular weights, etc.); Home Ec (quilted slippers and “made ruffles for my evening gown” and a jumper.)
06 (Page 2) Home Ec, continued (washing clothes, sewing); Current History; Pine Cone (writing articles); English; 
07 (Page 3) “…I feel like I haven’t made any progress at all when I see my test papers. I really want to improve….” Conduct in the dormitory (“At times I get a little loud. I get along with all the girls fine.”) Leisure time (study, “do up my clothes”); Evening program (washing dishes, studying in the library);
08 (Page 4) “When I try to think what has meant most to me this first semester on the campus, it seems that I don’t think of a particular one because there have been lots that meant something to me.”

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