de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 21. Letters to the de Longs relating to the final illness and death of Ethel de Long Zande, 1928.

Folder 21.  Letters to the de Longs relating to the final illness and death of Ethel de Long Zande, 1928.  19 items.

March 15, 1928.  To Helen from Stella Bradford.  “Indeed I will send a word to you at Pine Mountain.”

Mar. 15 [1928].  To Helen from June.  “With the impulse strong within me to go at once to you, dear, it seems hard just to sit down to write you a note…”

Sunday noon. To Helen from Dr. Alice N. Pickett.  “Your letter came yesterday my heart ached for you. I knew what a pitiful home you were going to find at Pine Mountain.”

[Postmarked March 18, 1928] To Arabella from Burt Fowler

Tuesday evening. To Arabella from Caroline [Heinz].   “Helen—sweet Helen—read to me this evening some of your beautiful letter.  I cannot possibly understand how you can be so wonderful.”

To Arabella from Caroline [Heinz]. “I simply must write to you, but I can’t,  I want to say beautiful and lovely things and I can’t.”

March 21, 1928.  To Helen from Gladys.  “What can I write you—”

March 21 [1928]  To Helen from Mary A. “Not until Gladys letter came to-day did I know of the strain you had been under and the terrible blow of Ethel’s death.”

March 23 [1928] To Helen from Mary A.  “This is just a note at bedtime…”

March 27, 1928.  Sent by Louise Ely.  Poem by Annie Johnson Flint

April 1 [1928]  To Arabella from Mabel [Ely]  “Dear mother of my dear friends—When I said goodbye to that family at Pine Mountain last Tuesday…”

April 2 [1928] To Helen from Bertha [Scripture]

April 4, 1928. To Helen from Burton P. Fowler

April 5, 1928.  To Helen from Caroline [Heinz].  “It seems to me that it must be a dozen times since I came home that I have attempted to write to you…”

April 5, 1928.  To Helen from Dr. Stella Stevens Bradford.  “Thank you so very much for writing me as you did.”

April 7 [1928]  To Helen from Robert S. Osgood

Easter card.  To Helen from Bertha Scripture

April 18 [19]28  To Miss Wells from Elizabeth C. Morrow “Embassy of the United States of America Mexico”

April 22 [1928] To Helen from Ruth K. Mack

April 25, 1928  To Helen from Harriet Butler

June 11, 1928  To Helen from Mary A. Jordan

[October 1928] From Evelyn [Wells] “Dear Nona and Helen, I want to share with you…the Notes proof…”

Undated. To Helen from Ruth [Mrs. George] Scott

Undated. From Alice P. Smyth

Undated. To Helen from Burton P. Fowler

Undated. Borden P. Bowne

Quote from Katharine Tynan

Poem by I. G. Whittier

Poem by Mary Carolyn Davies

Poem by Eliza Swift

Poem, “Sometime” by May Riley Smith

Poem, “Immortality” by Will Spencer McCann