de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 18. Letters to her family. 1923.

Folder 18.   Letters to her family.  1923. 14 items.

[August 4, 1923]  Sat. 10:00 A.M. Somewhere in Maryland

[August 12, 1923] Sunday morning “The size of the sheet, dears, indicates my ideas of the length…”

August 25, 1923.  Saturday. “Dearest dears, Well, last night was certainly a red-letter night…”

September 3, 1923.  Sun Inn. Bethlehem, Pa.  “Dearest loves, Well, am I myself or not myself…”

[September 3, 1923] Monday 8.45 P.M. (by my time which I must set back..) Now with my suitcase…”

[September 4, 1923]  Tuesday night “And a child who’s too sleepy…”

[September 11, 1923?] Tues. evening  “Dearest of dears, I very nearly ‘count that day lost’…”

[September 12, 1923] Wednesday night “Dearest loves, You have just a wee note for Sat night…”

[September 16, 1923] Sunday 10.15 P.M.  “Dearests, Of course I know I ought to go to bed…”

September 17, 1922 [error: 1923]  “Dearest ones, Well, well, well, well!”

[September 24, 1923] Monday 6.30 P.M. “And I’ve just been called to the telephone, dearests…”

[September 27, 1923]  Thursday night “Dearests, I should think you ought to get this on Saturday night…”

[1923] Friday night. “It seems utterly impossible, darlings, for me to get talked out.”

[October 1923]  Thursday night  “Well, Arabella darling, to think that I can’t be at the station…”