de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 17. Letters to her family. 1921-1922.

Folder 17.   Letters to her family.  1921-1922.  19 items. 

Friday 2:10 p.m. [1921?] Just leaving Cochoctis, Ohio…”

Wed.A.M. En route to Cleveland  [August 1922?] “Of course, darlints, you will be looking…”

August 3, 1922.  Postcard to Mrs. Luigi Zande

[August 4, 1922 Arabella’s notation]  Toronto  “Friday morning Well, aren’t we glad…”

[Postmarked August 6, 1922] To Mrs. Luigi Zande  “If I had been really wise…”

August 7, 1922.  Postcard to Master Alberto Zande

August 8, 1922  “And quite the most ecstatic person…”

August 10 [1922]  “Dearest loves, We bought a small electric iron in Buffalo…”

August 10, 1922 9:00 P.M.  “Dearests, Ain’t two letters a day quite a record for a traveler?”

August 13 [1922]  “I fully intended to write you…”

August 19, 1922  “You are doubtless amazed to see my address back in Quebec…”

August 21 [1922]  “If you should see us now in the middle of this golden afternoon…”

[August 1922 Last part of letter] “want to take the same walk again at sunset…”

August 24, 1922.  “Well, my dearests, I am the happiest child that ever was…”

August 27 [1922] “It won’t be much of a letter tonight…”

September 2, 1922  “Well, my very dearests, did you begin to think that I had deserted you entirely…”

[Postmarked September 29, 1922]  “Mother darling, please rest hard…”

October 1 [1922]  “But this should really read Willimantic R.R. station, dearest…”

Letter to Arabella from Sarah B. referenced in Helen’s October 1, 1922 letter; has two photographs with it.