de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 15. Letters to her family. January- April 1920.

Folder 15.  Letters to her family.  January- April 1920.  29 items. 

February 6, 1920.  The Asheville School.  Asheville, N.C.  “Dr. Smith has just done, darlingest.”

Sunday before church.  “Dearest love of mine; If this is mailed this morning you will get it tomorrow…”

Monday.  “Such dear letters as came this morning from you, honey!

[February 11, 1920]  Wednesday afternoon.  “At three o’clock I am going out for a little automobile drive with the Eastons.”

Thursday.  ‘Darlingest; Wasn’t I rich this morning with letters from Mother, June, Marjorie…”

[February 13, 1920]  Friday night  “Dearest love; What a wonderful package you did send me…”

Monday noon.  “Dearest love; Do you, too, get marvellous views of the snow-dotted mountains…”

Tuesday A.M.  “Dearest mine; Isn’t the sunshine wonderful this morning?”

[February 22, 1920]  Sunday morning.  Before church.  “My precious love; Why, in the lovely long day that we had together…”

Tues. A.M.  “Such beautiful letters as came from you yesterday, darling!”

Wed.  “Good-morning, my darling.  Isn’t this a beautiful world of snow and sunshine and blue sky?”

Thursday A.M.  “Before I get to papers and marks I must send just a word of dearest love…”

Friday.  “Isn’t this a beautiful day, my darling, so fair and sunny and cold!”

Sat. A.M.  “Dearest love; In my free period this morning, I have been most energetic…”

February 29, 1920.  Sunday.  “My precious love; Did it make your child seem quite near to hear her voice this afternoon?”

[March 3, 1920] Wed. A.M. ”Mother my love; Since Dr. Smith did not come yesterday…”

Mon. A.M.  “Almost no time, darling, but I must send my dearest love anyway…”

[March 9, 1920] Tues. A.M.  “Why, you little old darling, you just mustn’t be worried about me…”

March 11, 1920.  “The birthday season is upon us with a vengeance, isn’t it, dear?”

Friday A.M.  “Darling; I hope you’ll enjoy these freshly-laundered things.”

March 13, 1920.  Sat.  “My dearest love; Only one more class for two weeks and a half!!!”

[March 16, 1920]  Tuesday morning.  “Are you not greatly impressed, darling, by this handsome correspondence paper?”

April 5, 1920.  “Mother darlingest; It is so good to be able to reach you easily by telephone…”

April 16, 1920.  “Mother most dear; This is a for-over-Sunday note to carry you tenderest love…”

Thurs.  “Darlingest; What delightful mail it was that came this morning…”

Friday morning. “Isn’t it nice, dear, to be able to write you a letter..”

Thurs. A.M. “Since I didn’t get this off to you yesterday, darling, I am hurrying to send it in the noon mail.”

Friday.  “Good-morning, my darlingest little Arabella!”

Sat. morning, 8:15.  “Good-morning, my darling, on this rainy day.”