de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series II – Folder 13. Letters to her family. 1918.

Folder 13.  Letters to her family.  1918.  14 items.

Sunday May 26 [1918].  “And such a perfect Sabbath as it is, dearest mine.”

Tuesday, May 28, 1918.  “You most precious dear my love;  Two splendid letters from you and that fine, news-filled one from Peggy!”

Tuesday June 4 [1918]  “My darling mother, Was it a good ride that you had…”

June 17, 1918.  Sunday.  “My very own most beloved; At last comes the leisure for that which I most desire—a letter to my darling mother!”

June 19, 1918. Wednesday.  “My precious love;  Now I’m going to ‘bust right out’ into plans the very first thing!”

Friday noon [June 21, 1918]  “Good morning, sweetest mother mine, to whom now I send…”

June 23 [1918]. Sunday.  “My precious love;  Such a wonderful supply of mail as came to me…”

Monday.  “Dearest love;  This is the biggest letter of love and welcome that you can possibly imagine…”

June 26 [1918]. Wednesday.  “My sweetest love;  This day is like you exactly.

June 28 [1918]. Friday.  “My very most beloved dear; We can’t write very much in the way of news…”

June 30, 1918.  Sunday.  “To my most precious mother, greetings on this last day of June.”

July 3, 1918.  Wednesday.  “Well! it has just occurred to me, darling, that you may not get this epistle until Friday…”

July 5, 1918.  Friday morning.  “My precious little mother; Why is it that the mere fact…”

July 7, 1918.  Sunday.  “My darling mother; A wood-thrush is singing so hard that it seems as if everyone ought to join with him, the fragrance of roses and new-mown hay fills the air…”