de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 74. Pine Mountain Publicity Materials, Duplicates.

Folder 74.  Pine Mountain Publicity Materials,  Duplicates.  11 items.

This folder contains duplicates and partial duplicates of some of the items in the preceding folder. 

“When the enclosed letter came from a mountain Baptist preacher…”  [2 copies]

Fragment:  “Let me tell you how a remote country people…”

October 1, 1913.  “I wish you could be here today…”.

January 2, 1914.  “Just before Christmas, when, in accordance with the ancient rhyme…” [One complete copy and an extra page 3]

Brochure.  Photo on front flap of mules hauling logs.  “The Pine Mountain Settlement School in the Making.”  [multiple copies]

Brochure with subscription card.   “Mr. William Creech, Founder of the Pine Mountain Settlement School” [“Uncle William’s Reasons”]

November 14, 1914.  “Pioneers must handle axes and plows vigorously…”

November 20, 1915.  “To all the friends that have holp…”  [“Uncle William’s Letter”]

April 30, 1916.  “On its third birthday…”   [2 copies]

January 24, 1917.  “This letter is a Christmas reminiscence from Pine Mountain.”

October 12, 1917.  “Recently a little girl wrote us ‘in regard of an education.’”