DE LONG – ZANDE PAPERS Series I Folder 76 Ethel de Long Zande Pine Mountain Scrapbook

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Folder 76: Ethel de Long Zande Pine Mountain Scrapbook

DE LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 76. Ethel de Long Zande Pine Mountain Scrapbook.

TAGS: de Long – Zande Papers: Series I – Folder 76. Ethel de Long Zande Pine Mountain Scrapbook, appeal & subscription cards, brochures, letters, Notes, articles

The scrapbook is a collection of original materials bound in a clasp binder. On the outside, Ethel has written her name. The divisions of the scrapbook are on typed title pages and are given below in bold. The materials have been left in the order in which they were found except that the Notes were rearranged chronologically. Most but not all of these materials were written by Ethel Zande.

Ethel de Long Zande Pine Mountain Scrapbook

Appeal and Subscription Cards

Uncle William’s Reasons” (yellow brochure with photo on front)

Brochure. Photo on front flap of mules hauling logs. “The Pine Mountain Settlement School in the Making.”

Special Letters and Folders

“The Fourth Grade” (printed pamphlet, Ethel de Long Zande)

Let me tell you how a remote country people… [Dated by EZ: “October 1912”]

September 15, 1916

January 24, 1917

June, 1915 [Someone has written: “June 1915 E Z files.”]

“Uncle William Creech deeded the land for this school…. “ [Someone has written “1915-6?”]

April 30, 1916

“There is surely no certainty as to where a germinating idea may land”

[Someone has written “March 1917.”]

Road Prospectus [Same hand has written “March 24, 1917”]

Notes, Volumes I and II

Vol I: Nos 1-8

1919: February, May, October

1920: March, November

1921: November

1922: March

1923: February

Vol II: Nos 2-8; 9

1924: May, November

1925: October

1926: April, November

1927: November (2 copies)

1928: September

Vol III: No 1

1928: December

Annual Letters

“When the enclosed letter came from a mountain Baptist preacher”

October 1, 1913

January 2, 1914

November 14, 1914

September 7, 1914 (William Creech)

November 20, 1915 (William Creech)

October 12, 1917

Memorial Day, 1918

May 1, 1920

March 28, 1921

February, 1923

April 1, 1924

April 1, 1925

May, 1926

April, 1927

April 10, 1928 (Evelyn K. Wells)

Published Articles 

[The scrapbook contains the complete magazine.]

For the Sake of Learning,The Home Mission Monthly, 35:1 (Nov. 1920).

“From Kingdom Come to Pine Mountain,” The Outlook, December 5, 1917.

“A Little True Blue American.” (Evelyn K. Wells), Over Sea and Land, November, 1920.

Joy Stock Club Letters (Elizabeth C. Hench)

October 16, 1921

January 17, 1922

November 8, 1922

Easter Sunday. “To-day is a day to make a Christian or a Pagan sing with heart and soul.”

April 12, 1922

January 11, 1923

October 10, 1923

January, 1924

January 1, 1925

February 25, 1925

October 28, 1925

New Year’s at Pine Mountain, 1926

September 1927

A comic strip by a child has been placed along the back binding strip and can be seen only by loosening the binding.