de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 66. Letters from Luigi Zande to Arabella and Helen de Long.

Folder 66 .  Letters from Luigi Zande to Arabella and Helen de Long.  

Monday evening 22 April [1918].  “Dearest Madre I want to write you a few line to tell a much place you have in my earth.”

3 Febb 1919. “Dearest Mother So sorry news heare you are suffering of bad could.”

Monday 7 30  [1919] .  “Dear Mother and Sister Your notes come to us just while ago. tank’you very much.”

“Dear Mother and Sister Baby never come yet my hi stopped some where at tea party.”

Saturday 1 March [1919]. “Dear Mother and Sister No baby yet it is 3 oclock after noon.”

“Dearest Whe glade you have Miss Sulivan to take care of you.”

Saturday evening [postcard postmarked Louisville, Ky. March 8, 1919, 12 PM]. “Dear Mother and Helen No bambino yet!”

March 11, 1919.  “Dear Mother and Helen Instady of have a baby for my birthday whe have a good treep…”

“Mother and Sister dears.  No baby yet.  I so diasppointed but nothing als…”

16 March [1919].  “Dear Mother and Sister the Union Western never coll you up yet…”

18 March 2 oclock 1919.  “Dearest two—After many days and many thought the thin came to the and.  This morning after abut 24 hours of pain, Ethel givbe to me to see a great thing.   Little boy!”

[Month is error] 5 March [1919]. Mother and Sister dearest.  it seems ages—and it is only 11 day I left Louisville and baby—I am so lonesome by myself.”

“From Luigi: Dear Helen My dear Helen Your notice was very glade to me, after a full day harvest some corn…”

24 Sept 1921 “My dear Mother Ethel give me one letter to mail you from the Hospedal…”

[November 1921].  “Dear Mother You as have been so good during thes years, and really I never like to sayin good by to loving people.”

15 Jan 1923.  “Dear Nonna—After all here I am Thanking you so much for the nice the nice nuts you have send me…”

6 March 1923. “Dearest Mother and Sister Just a few word let you know we have reached home…”

Sunday evening. [Postcard postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky. May 7A.M., 1923]  “Ethel when of this morning Route to St. Louis after baby girl.”

[1924]  “Dear Mother Ester is here the butifull day memory of Gesu recsuration”

[Postmarked Pine Mountain, Ky., Oct 19 A.M. 1926].  “Dearest two, A very cheerfull letter from Ethel stating she will be home the 26 Oct What you think abut that. I am so happy!”

Monday 3 Jan [Postmarked Pine Mountain Jan 6 A.M. 1927]. “Dear Folks Ethel desire for me to write to you to tell she feel unable to write herself.”

28 March.  “Dearest two  I am so happy to be able to wright you again.  But I feel very stuf yet.  I am so gratefully to you both for the nice present you both have send me for my birthday.”

April 8 [19]28 “Easter Sunday Dear Mother It Easter day and I can’t let it go without to sending you a word…”