de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 59. Letters to her family. July-December 1927.

Folder 59.  Letters to her family.  July-December 1927.   34 items.

Friday.  [Arabella: July 2, 1927] “Dearest Two—Lovely letters from you two tonight.”

Monday 7 P.M.  [Arabella: July 11/27] “You know what toruble I have to avoid publicity…”

“Dearests—I hate the news of the hot week & of Arabs illness…”

Monday. “Dearest Ladies—Is it cool again in Wilmington?”

[Arabella: July 31, 1927]  “Dearests—I am so sorry my letter’s delay worried you!”

August 8, 1927.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—This is the day when Elena cut her front hair!”

Aug. 12.   [Arabella: August 13/27]  “And I’m addressing a letter to beloved Cape Cod once more!”

Monday.  “Dears—dears—You write such lovely letters on vacation…”

Friday.  [Arabella: Aug 20/27]  “Dearest loves—I wonder how Arab’s liberty-print is made?”

Monday. [Arabella: Auust 23/27]  “Dearest Arab & Helen—I’m so glad that it’s all lovely…”

Thurs. 9:30 P.M.  [Arabella: August 26/27]   ”3 visitors just gone.  Tess just left us…”

Monday Night.  [Arabella: August 29/27]  “Dearest dears—How extremely sorry I am…”

Sept. 2.  “Dearests—Well, who do you s’pose is here?  Annette Van Bezey—to take…”

Sept. 6.  “Dearsest Two—Such nice letters as you send me from your moist retreat!”

Monday Evg.  “Well—darlings—it is compensating to know that the last days…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Sept 16 7 AM 1927.  Thurs. “Dearest love, Helen darling, & may it be cool for the opening of school!”

Wednesday.[Arabella: September 22/27] “Dearest Helen—Berto & Elena are sound asleep..”

Monday Night. [Arabella: September 27/27] “And Arabella is at home again!”

Oct. 4, 1927.  “Took the children on a picnic today to the spot we all so love …”

Friday. “My dears—I’ve been in bed 2 days getting rid of a cold germ that took my voice!”

Tuesday. [Arabella: Oct. 12/27] “How to be an entertaining letter writer?  twice a week!”

Oct. 21.  “Dear Ones—Such a lovely birthday! the medicine cabinet & jellies arrived…”

Monday.  [Arabella: October 24/27]  “Dearest dears—I haven’t told you ary a word…”

Friday. 27’27.  [October] “Dearests—you are the greatest ever—another box in less…”

Thursday.  [Arabella: November 3, 1927]  “Dearests—You’d have heard from me before Louisville if we hadn’t been all torn up with forest fires at P.M….”

Nov. 10, 1927.  “Dearests—Isn’t it hard to get time to write?”

Monday Night. [Arabella: Nov 15/27] “Dearests—I must first of all say that Helen’s jellies are so delicious!”

Friday P.M. [Arabella: Nov 19/27]  “Dearests—you don’t know how I want to write…”

Monday. [Arabella: November 27/27]  “Dearests—Granny Creech wishes Grandma de Long could make another trip to the woolen mills…”

Friday.  “Dearests—The lovely box of jellies came in on Tues—but what do you suppose…”

Wed.  “Dearests—and tomorrow is the first day of Christmas!”

Wednesday.  [Arabella: Dec 8/27] “Dearests—This should be a Berto letter…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 15 6 AM 1927]  Dec. 14. “Dearests—So your box to us is gone!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Dec 26 6 AM 1927.  Christmas Night.  “Dearest Two—Well, it’s eight o’clock and my prevailing thought about the whole week is that it’s been….”