de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 54. Letters to her family. January-June 1925.

Folder 54.  Letters to her family.  January-June 1925.  35 items.

Sunday.  “Dearest A. & H.—A new address forsooth, though purchased with bloodshed…”

Jan. 15.  “Dearest A. & H.—I’m so interested in Helen’s warfare….”

Sunday the 18th [January].  “Dearest Arabella—How grieved I am to know of your illness…”

Tuesday Evg. [Arabella:  January 28, 1925] “Dearest Folks—Later than usual with this letter, am I not?”

Jan. 31.  “Dearest Arab—Of course Helen sends you on my Sunday letters…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain  [illeg] 3 [illeg] 1925, addressed to The de Longs 728 High Street Bethlehem Pa.  Monday.  “Dearest Ladies—Well—Spring sends you greetings from Pine Mountain…”

Postmarked Harlan Feb 7 8 AM 1925  Special Delivery.  Friday.  “Dearest Helen—So it’s over!”

Sunday P.M.  [Arabella:  February 8, 1925] “Dearest Arabella and Helen, And that old op. is nearly a week away!”

Monday. [Arabella: Feb. 9]  “Dearest Helen—Great news that there are signs of progress.”

Feb. 11.  “Well—we’re thankful that one packing is out, & maybe two, by this time…”

Feb. 12.  “Dearest Ladies—I’m so thankful for the daily bulletins.

Sunday.  [Arabella: Feb. 15 ] “Dearest Ladies—Patient and Nurse!  or is the patient no longer such…”

Monday.  “Dearest Helen—Well, our Redbirders got back—and it was a great experience!”

Wednesday Night.  “Dearest Helen—Birthday greetings to you!”

Sunday P.M. [Arabella: Feb. 23 ] “Yes, my dears, my polyanthus narcissus….”

Friday Night.  [Arabella: Feb. 28 ]  “Dearest Two—Well well, so Helen is back at school!”

Sunday.  [Arabella: March 2, 1925 ] “My dears—Your acct’s of Helen’s birthday are so nice…”

Monday.  “Dearest de Longs’—Well, I hardly think my postcard of last Wed…..”

Sat. A.M.  “Think of the two of you gadding today!”

Sat. A.M.  “Dearest Ladies—It’s awful that I haven’t written you a letter in ages…”

March 25.  “Dearest Ladies—You were to have a good letter today, but, drat it!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Mar 31 AM 1925.  Monday P.M.  “And tomorrow will be April 1st!

Postmarked Pine Mountain Apr 3 AM 1925.  April 2nd.  “Dearest Arabella and Helen. I know you will love to see these pitures…”

April 5.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—The end of a beautiful days—”Guestes” have just gone…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Apr 10 AM 1925.  April 9.  “Dearest Ladies—And it’s nearly our wedding anniversary!”

Monday.  “Dearest Ladies—My, but how I hated not to have sent you anything for Easter!”

Monday the 20th.  [April]  “Well, dearests, I just wish you could see the beauty of this world here.”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Apr 24 AM 1925.  Apr. 23. 10 p.m.  “Dearest Ladies—Just home from Workers’ Dancing Class where we’ve had the gayest time…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Apr 28 AM 1925.  Monday.  “Dearest de Longs—’Why did we get Notes at this time of year that you were writing in Nov.?’”

Postmarked Pine Mountain May 1 1925.  Apr. 30.  “Dear de Longs—The children were ecstatic over their Easter package…”

Monday.  [Arabella: May 4, 1925 ] “So it may be Wilmington next!”

Wed.  [Arabella: May 6, 1925  ]“Dearest Arabella—By means of a bill from Jennie Benedicts…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain May 11 AM 1925.  [Arabella: May 12, 1925 ] “Dearest de Longs—Monday of vacation!”

Monday Night.  “Dearest ladies—So it’s to be Wilmington next year.  Well, well, well…”

Mon P.M.  “Dearest Nonna—We’re about to start to supper, & then home…”