de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 51. Letters to her family. April-December 1923.

Folder 51.  Letters to her family. April-December 1923.  40 items.

Monday.  “Dearest Two—My head is full of thoughts of you…”  [April 2]

April 5 [8?]. “Dearest Arabella and Helen—No mail tonight (train must have been late)…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Apr 12 AM 1923, addressed to Miss Helen de Long                  Dr. Runyon’s Hospital South Orange New Jersey. Wed.  “Dearest Helen—I hear you sat up in bed on Sunday!”

Wednesday [in same envelope as above]  “Dearest Arabella—I don’t wonder you’ve been homesick!”

Monday.  “Couldn’t write yesterday as I went with Far H. children to Peter Rock…”

Thursday.  [Arabella: on front 12/23, on reverse April 19, 1923]  “Dearest Arab—the news that came tonight, that your teeth are out, that someone went with you…”

Tuesday P.M. [Arabella: May 2, 1923].  “Dearest Two—I wish I could give you an impression of Berto!”

Monday. [Arabella: May 7, 1923]  “Well—my dears—I am rrriding on the trrrain…”[sic]

Louisville. Wed. 10 A.M. [Arabella: May 9, 1923]  “Well—hit is lying on the bed…”

Friday.  [Arabella: May 11, 1923]  “Little Elena Zande is adored by all of us!”

Sunday Night.  “Berto saying his prayers—’God bless daddy & mother & baby sister’…”

Monday P.M.  “Housecleaning, painting, scrubbing…”

Friday P.M. “Can’t find a decent pen or pecnil to write you with!”

Monday P.M. [Helen: 1923]  “Only 3 more Sundays!  Isn’t that fine!”

Monday.  “Dearests—I couldn’t seem to get a chance to write yesterday…”

Wednesday. [Helen: 1923] “We are all downstairs for a few days….”

Thursday.  “What’s the use of writing?  Only 10 days more!”

Monday.  “As Berto says—”Only one more Sunday, Mother?’”

Thursday.  “Dearest dears—Oh, what a disappointment for us all…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Helen—It’s 10.30, but I just have to give you my love…”

Tuesday.  “All is well! Allah il allah.  Dearest Helen—It’s horrid that I’ve written…”

Tuesday.  “Dearest Helen—we gobble up your letters & don’t know how to wait…”

Sunday P.M. “Dearest Helen—Miss Gaines came up to supper last night & brought…”

Friday P.M..  “Dearest Arabella—And so you had to stay at Laden all night!”

Monday P.M.  “Dearest  Arballea & Helen—I am just distressed that Arab had such a sorry trip—train lost, trunk lost, upper berth!”

Wednesday.  “Dearests—I am so very glad to hear the pleasant news of Arab’s visit…”

Monday.  “Dearest Ladies—Well, I for one am charmed with an arrangement that gives…”

Monday.  “My dears—Time flies, just as it did when Arabella was here…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 23 AM 1923.  Nov. 22.  “A warm rain is falling.”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Nov 24 AM 1923.  [Arabella: November 26, 1923] “Daddy is in Harlan tonight.  He was summoned for grand jury service….”

Friday.  [in same envelope as above]  “Dearest Two—May & Leon & May’s father who…”

Sunday P.M.  “Well, dears, it’s a shame, pure shame, that colds & coughs have ….”

Monday.  “Rubber doll is beloved by us all…”

Dec. 5. “Dearest Two—Have you got over yr. colds yet?”

Dec. 13. “My dearest Twos—How are you both?”

Sunday 9.30 P.M.   “My very dears—Yesterday my children & I went for cedar & laurel & Hemlock & today we’ve been making wreathes…”  [Arabella has written December 14, but Harry Callahan died on Sunday, December 16, 1923.]

Tuesday.  “Dears—We buried Harry today in Uncle William’s graveyard…” [December 18]

Friday P.M. [Arabella: December 21]  “And you’re to be at Ida’s!  How lovely…” [has a picture enclosed of Ethel and her children]

Christmas Night.  “This is just to tell you that a beautiful day is over…”

Sunday.  “Elena—Dec. 28—height 30 in. weight 18 1/2 lb.