de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 42. Letters to her family. May-December 1919.


Folder 42.  Letters to her family.  May-December 1919.  40 items.

Sunday Night.  “Luigi reading last night’s paper, Berto exercising a trifle on the couch, so I…”

May 7, 1919.  “My dears—How goes your health and how goes the packing and when will Arabella be here?”

Sunday.  “Dearest Two—Berto is exercising in front of the fire…”

Sunday Night.  “Dears—Nine at night on the loveliest May day!  So peaceful…”

Tuesday Night.  “So dearest Arabella , right out of a clear sky, has had gastritis.”

May 21, 1919.  “My dearest Arabella—I am grieved deeply, oh more than I can say…”

Postmarked Pine Mountain May 23 AM 1919.  Thurs. Evg.  “I am so happy to know…”

“Dearest Two—It’s Monday night—& I meant to write you Sunday night.”

Wednesday.  “My dears—isn’t it great that Hawkes & Grieves were saved!”

Friday Night.  [Helen: 1919]  “And June is nearly ehre!  And with June come my dear two..”

Wed. [Helen: 1919?]  “My dears—Won’t it be lovely if E.K.W., who expects to go on to…”

June 9, 1919.  “My dears—This has been quite an exciting evening.”

Thursday.  “My dearest Two, I wish you could see the beautiful walnut table Luigi has made against the time when our family will be larger.”

“Dearest Helen—Doubtless the baby is dreaming of his adored Aunt Helen…”

Monday.  “Dearest of dear sisters—Surely if you—after such a trip to Knoxville…”

“Dearest Helen—I’ve been over the mt. to see the new road & do some business…”

“Dearest Helen—Well, it’s almost worthwhile to spare you for a space…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Helen—No time to write on Sunday!!”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Little Sister—No letter from you for 2 nights, alas!”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Helen—I thought I was going to write you a fine long letter…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest dear—Leon has just gone—in fact he & Luigi are at….”

Sept. 22.  “Dearst Helen—I am perfectly crazy about our position!”

Sept. 26.  P.M.  “Dearest Little Sister—I’ve just deposited a delicious warm bundle…”

“Dearest Sister—What a long time it is since i’ve written you a line…”

October 16, 1919.  “Dearest Helen:  We are all in a semi-weeping state over your isolation..”

October 22.  “Dearest Helen—Your birthday letter & birthday packages didn’t come late…”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Helen—Well—there are compensations in being sick!”

“Berto’s Eighth!!!  Dearest Helen—How we’ve enjoyed your acct of Chimney Rock day…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Helen We have such a lovely fire & nice candle light.”

Tuesday.  “Dearest little sister—You would be glad to see how much better Mother is…”

Thanksgiving Night.  “Helen darling—Luigi has today gotten our Christmas turkey…”

Friday Evening.  “Dearest sister—how I’d love to see you!”

Tuesday Night.  “Dearest Helen—It was so good to get your Sunday letters to Mother….”

Friday Night.  “Helen dearest—There’s no question but what Mother is on the mend.”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Helen—Mother seems really better today!”

“Dearest Helen  Isn’t it great!  Only 3 weeks plus & you’ll be here.”

Wednesday.  “Dearest Helen, What a pity you’re not here eating grape fruit with Luigi….”

December 7.  “Dearest Helen—Can it really be that you will be here in just one week?”

Mon.  “Dearest Helen—Hurrah!  it’s too good news for anything.”

Wed.  “Dearest Helen—What’s the use of writing—you’ll so soon be here?”