de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 41. Letters to her family. January-April 1919.

Folder 41.  Letters to her family.  January-April 1919.  53 items.

Jan. 3, 1919.  “Dearest Two—I’ve just had word 5 minutes ago of someone…”

Sat. afternoon.  “My dearest two—This is the first leisurely hour I’ve had alone in ever…”

Tues.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—Daily mail is resumed!”

“Dearest Ladies,—I was so glad for a letter tonight, even though it did bring word…”

Tuesday Morning.  “Dearest Ladies, There is no regular mail carrier again!”

Saturday.  “Dearest Loves—My, I’m glad Helen can sit up three hours a day…”

January 21, 1919.  “Dearest Two—There will really be mail out tomorrow…”

[Arabella: January 24, 1919] “5.10 Friday Morning.  My dearest Two,—The Burkham school burned this morning.”

[Arabella: January 24, 1919]  Friday 6 P.M.  “Dearest ones,—There is so much to say, yet I hate to say it, & live over again these hours!”

[Arabella:  Janary 27, 1919] Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—This is just to send you my dear love…”

[Arabella: January 28, 1919]  “Dearests—It is Monday night—& Andy is down—invited by us to cheer us up!”

[Arabella: January 29, 1919] Wed A.M.  “Dearests—Just to let you know that we are all sleeping better…”

Thursday A.M.  “Dearest Two—I am so glad to tell you that we are all feeling better…”

Friday Night.  “Oh, how blessed it was to get your letters tonight…”

Sunday [Arabella: February 2, 1919]  “My deares—Think of having no paper to write on…”

Feb. 4.  “Dearest Two—What lovely letters you write—& how much good they do us!”

Tuesday.  “Dearests—Do buy a little horse, Arabella, & ride to Louisville.”

Tuesday Morning.  “Dearest Ladies—To think that I’ve been here 48 hours…”

Sunday Afternoon.  “Dearest Two that ever were—Luigi & I have just come from…”

Wednesday at 8.  “My dears—It’s a lovely sunshiney morning & I have been up…”

Friday.  “My dears—It’s impossible to tell you how I’m now enjoying the languid life…”

Sunday.  “Dearest Two—I have just bet Luigi that he’ll be getting back to P. Mt. a week…”

March 4, 1919.  “My dearest Twose—This is the baby’s birthday, but I don’t feel…”

March 6, 1919.  “My dears—Well, I’m glad to know about Mrs. Sullivan…”

“Dearest Two—It’s Friday night!  “No baby yet” as Luigi says.”

Postmarked Louisville Mar 9 6 PM 1919 Ky.  Sunday.  “Dearest Ladies—How in the world shall I ever hope to bring up such a procrastinating child?”

Monday.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—I’m just pure thankful that Dr. Linnell can….”

Mar. 13.  “Dearest Two—I’m just plumb discouraged—waiting—to the tune of such expense.”

March 14, 1919.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—Two letters from home this morning…”

Monday, 7 A.M.  “My dears, I am all ready to start to the hospital…”

Telegram from L. Zande to Mrs. George de Long. March 18 1919.

Saturday Afternoon.  “My dears—It’s so good to write & say I am better.”

Wednesday 8 A.M.  “Well, my dears, I realized this morning why Dr. Skinner said to…”

Thursday at Noon.  “Well, my dearests, this is a great day—for I’ve sat up…”

Friday.  “My dearests—I’ve been trying all day to write you, but have had so much company!”

“My dears—I am so dreadfully sorry letters haven’t been reaching you.”

Sunday afternoon.  “Dearest Auntie—Thank you so much for your note.”

Monday.  “A Red Letter Day For Certain.  You can’t think how happy the baby and I are…”

Tuesday afternoon.  “Well, my dears, it’s like living again to get mail!”

Sat.  “Dearest Two—I am so glad for the 2nd letter, with the aroused sporting spirit…”

“Alberto’s third birthday.  Dearests—What was Mother’s Easter present?”

Wednesday at 2:30.  “Dearest Ladies—May is scrubbing our bedroom….”

Friday.  “Dearests—: Aren’t you sorry to know that Berto has had the colic…”

“Dearest Arab—Monday night!  Berto hasn’t had any colic today—praise be.”

Tuesday.  “Dearest Arabella—And you are all alone in Norwich!”

Wed.  “My dearest—It is my bedtime—8.20—by the orders of all my friends…”

Friday Night.  “Dearest Two—I take it you won’t want that blue poplin at present.”

Friday.  “My dearests—I’m so glad our things are going in Miss Coggeshall’s barn…”

Easter Sunday [at end] “Dearest Mother—I am wishing I had some way of giving you the joy of this baby…” [April 20]

Monday Night.  “Dearest Two—Not coming?  Well, I rather guess you are!”

April 23.  “Dearests—I’m tired of writing letters—I want you to come.”

Friday Evening.  “I think I am sitting in a beautiful room—my living-room.”

Tuesday Night.  “Dearests Mine—Well, it’s hard, hard to have our most precious….”