de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 40. Letters to her family. August-December 1918.

Folder 40.  Letters to her family.  August-December 1918.   42 items.

Aug. 3.  “My dearest family: I’m on the train to Dillon—early Friday morning…”

August 6th.  “My dearest Two—It’s hot, by jiminy!”

Postmarked Pine Mountain Aug 12 AM 1918  “”It’s a hot Sunday night…”

Wednesday Morning.  “Dearest Two—This is going over the mt. by Miss Schubert…”

Monday A.M.  [Arabella: August 1918]  “Dearest Two—Mail is resumed again today—& I’ll hope for letters from you…”

“Dearest Mother & Helen—Well, you two do send the loveliest letters.”

Wed. [Arabella:  August 28, 1918] “Dearest People—whom I think of so much that I often feel I have written you…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest dear ladies, Luigi & I have been wishing you were with us…”

Friday A.M.  “Dearest Mother & Helen—A chance to send a lettr today!”

“Dearest Ladies—Mail will go out & come in, tomorrow!  Mail last Monday…”

Tues.  “My dearest dears:  I hate to tell you the order in which I opened mail from you…”

Sunday at Harlan.  “Dearest Arab & Helen—On Mother’s birthday I rode to town!”

September 18, 1918 “Dearest Lady—The green tomatoes are all pickled…”

Very well—but so sleepy I just can’t write.”

Oct. 1, 1918  “Dearest Two, Mail is coming in tonight—hurrah!”

Wednesday  “Dearest Ladies—This is the eve of our 6th wedding anniversary…”

“Dearest Two—I have come home a little early so as to begin a letter to you…”

“Well, my dears, it is afternoon & rainy & October 20, & I am very wishful to see you…”

Friday  “My dears—I’ve spent the entire evening helping Luigi to get the new moving picture machine going…”

“My dears—I’ve just come from seeing 5 moving picture reels—in our playroom!”

[Beginning is missing]  “No—the patterns aren’t quite I’d thought of….”

Wednesday Night.  “Dearest Two, I hope all is very well with you.”

Nov. 10  “I can’t let the Monday mail go without a line to you!”

Thursday “Dearest Two—There is only one thought to think tonight—it is over!”

Tues. A.M.  “Rainy, blowy, wild weather, just the sort to be home in!”

Wed. “I plumb forgot to say how delicious the pudding was!”

Sunday afternoon “Dearest ladies—There was never anything so nice as to take a vacation at home!”

Monday Evening  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—Don’t you think it would be nice to make a sachet of tulle like my wedding veil, with my wedding rose leaves in it…”

Mon  “The loveliest box—all smelling of rose leaves came tonight…”

Friday Evening “Dearest Ladies—I’m so hoping I’ll get a letter from you tonight!”

Sunday Night—& I wish I knew how our darling Helen is.”

Friday. [scraps of material are attached]  “My dearest Mother & HelenÚ  How more than glad I was for Helen’s great letter yesterday, and for darling Mother’s tonight.”

“Dearest Two—It is just dark on Thanksgiving Day & we’ve all come from seeing Midsummer Night’s Dream—the ever charming!”

Wed. Night “Dearest Two—A lovely night, bringing me corking long letters from each of you—as well as about $25000 for the School!”

Sunday Afternoon.  “Dearest Arabella & Helen—How ‘pat’ the pillow did arrive!”

Wednesday Evening “Dearest Two—Such a box as came—and such a greedy Ethel as ate!”

Tues. Evg.  “We’ve just opened the dearest Christmas box from Aunt Ida…”

“Excuse this messy paper—dears—but I must tell you that we are actually in our own house…”

“Dearest Mother—dearest Helen—It is Saturday morning, and this letter is going out…”

Thurs.  “Dearest dearest Two—I feel so peaceful & content, having just decided not to go out of the house today!”

Monday A.M.  “My dears—Mr. Hansen, on his way to France, will take this over the mt.”

Christmas card.  “And all the bells on earth shall ring”