de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 34. Letters to her family. January-April 1917.

Folder 34.  Letters to her family.  January-April 1917.  19 items.

“Dearest Helen—Did I ever tell you how I love my Xmas cards?”

Friday.  “Dearest Mother—I’m trying to think of ‘minute instructions’ to send you!”

“Dearest Mother. it’s all I can do not to go on with the babies.”

Saturday.  “How grieved I am at darling mother’s attack of gastritis.” [January 13, 1917]

Postmarked New York, Grand Central Station, January 20, 1917.  Sat.  “Dearest Mother     I am so glad you are rather better.”

“It’s Sunday noon, deaest, & I am at the Thorps.”

On train to Lexington—Friday. “Helen, my dearest—How incredible it is that I am actually on my way back to Ky. & without having seen very much of my little sister!” [February 2, 1917]

Wed.  “Dearest Mother—I have a good fire burning in my grate, my babes are asleep…” [February 7, 1917]

February 14, 1917.  “My dear Helen Bray deLong:  I really love these hills best….”

“Dearest Mother—Sunday afternoon—such a one as comes only in Ky!” [February 18, 1917]

“Helen, my dear—this is to be a birthday letter on yr. arriving at 30 years of age.”

“Dearest Mother—This is Saturday morning & I shall send this letter over the mt. by Erica Thorp…”

“Helen my dear—It is always lovely to hear from you and how good you’ve been to me lately in the matter of letters.”

“Dearest Mother—You do write the bestest letters!  Every one of your ‘mere scraps of paper’ is so readable…”

[Arabella: March 21—17] “Dearest Mother,—I am having a quiet hour in front of the fire while the family are at supper.”

[Arabella: March 21st] “I have just had E. Wells send a card about the stockings for fear I might not mention their coming promptly!”

“Dearest Mother—The Thorps are here, Mr. Zande has been sick, and I’ve postponed wrting till I’m ashamed!”

“Dearest Helen,—And this is the week of your “tour” as it were!”  [April 1, 1917]

Monday.  “Dear Ladies-who-stayed-at-home!  Helen’s week of vacation is just beginning…” [April 2, 1917]