de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 26. Letters to her family. January-April 1913.

Folder 26.  Letters to her family.  January-April 1913.  27 items.

New Year’s Day at Noon.  “My darling Mother & Helen, I am just here & can’t even…”

Sat. [at end]  “My dearest Mother,—The morning paper says that you too have been in….”

Tuesday.  “Dearest ladies,—I am at home—got in yesterday at quarter of three…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother,—This is the first time in this busy week that I have had..”

“My dear Small Child,—Such fine letters as you’ve been writing me certainly call loudly…”

Thursday P.M.  “Dearest Mother  It is lovely to feel a bit leisurely…”

Thursday P.M.  “Dearest Mother, Such a nice letter from you tonight, written from Aunt…”

Tuesday Night.  “Dearest Mother and Helen,—Let’s play it’s Sunday!”

Sunday Noon.  “My dearest Mother, How very, very, very sorry I was to get your letter…”

“My midweek assurance of health now goes to thee, Mother darling…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother & Helen,—Helen, at least, will be able to picture…”

“Dearest Mother,—You will enjoy these pictures of our trip, sent me by Viola…”

Sunday Afternoon.  “Dearest Mother,—and Helen—The boys are at League, except….”

Tuesday Night.  “Deaest Mother,—A little Valentine came from you to me…”

Thurs. P.M.  “Dearest Mother,—Tomorrow noon I start off on another trip, this time…”

Hindman, Tuesday Evening.  “Dearest Mother—A belated Sunday letter!  for surely…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother,—and Helen!  I shall never have a chance to tell you…”

Sunday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen—My boys are all in bed—and Guy and Jim…”

Monday Afternoon—My dear Helen and Mother, If the whole merry troop of my boys..”

Sunday, Mar. 23, 1913 [at end]  “Easter Afternoon—and beautiful and peaceful it is!”

Monday Evening.  “The rain is raining and I think it more than likely that we shall have a tide tomorrow; but because we may not, and I never got any letters off yesterday…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother and Helen,—It’s not quite true to say ‘the tide has turned’ but it’s gone down—ebbed away—what you will.”

Monday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen, It is so nice to sit down for a letter to you…”

Thurs.  “I guess it must be all the big floods & tornadoes  & things I’ve just been…”

Sunday Morning. “Dearest Mother—there is a real Sabbath calm abroad this morning…”

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother, All is serene, the clinic is over, and the weather warm!”

“Tuesday instead of Sunday.  Only to think of it!  It’s shocking that…”  [fabric enclosed]