de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 25. Letters to her family. August-December 1912.

Folder 25.  Letters to her family.  August-December 1912.  32 items. 

“Just after leaving you—You two dears!  You mustn’t think for one minute that it isn’t..”

“On the sleeper to Ashland.  The porter is about to make up my berth…”

Sunday Night.  “My very dears—Who would have thought that I could be here 36 hours…”

Tuesday Morning.  “It is ‘before Institute’ and I have a few minutes wherein to begin…”

Sunday Night.  “I have just come from C H U R C H!”

Monday.  “And why Monday—dear darling Mother?  Only just because yesterday was…”

Wednesday Night.  “The both of yez! Miss Newman has just come…”

Sunday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen,—I was delighted to get your letters…”

Sunday Evening.  “Dearest Mother,—I am wondering why it is that I never seem…”

Tuesday Night.  “Dearest Mother,—So it is nearly your birthday!”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother—this is your birthday night, and I wonder what kind…”

Wednesday P.M.  “To my dearest Mother and sister,—greeting!  Well, it is good to…”

Monday Night.  “To my dearest Mother,—greeting!  It is delicious to start a letter to you…”

Oct. 3, 1912.  “Dearest Mother and Helen—A nice letter from Mother tonight…”

Sat. P.M.  “Dearest Mother—Your note just received.  I am so sorry, and of course…”

Monday Night.  “Dearest Mother & Helen,—It was rather nice to wait till tonight…”

Hindman, Aug. 13—1912.  [error on her part:  has to be October]  “Dearest Mother & Helen—I hope I am going to have a letter from ‘youall’ tomorrow morning…”

Sunday.  “Just nothing but a return kiss on my birthday!”

Sunday at Supper time.  “I have just supped offr 4 slices of toasted brown bread…”

Thursday Evening.  “Dearest Mother and Helen,—I am so distressed over one sentence…”

Hindman—October 3, 1912.  [actually November]  “Dear Two,—So you have been to Chatham!  I think that’s perfectly fine—and I am so glad you can hear the boom…”

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother & Helen,—This is the eve of my departure and I aim to….”

“At the Singletons’ on Big Leatherwood.  I find I can get a letter off to you from here…”

Sunday Night. “Dearest Mother and Helen,—I have just left Vi about to go to sleep…”

“My dearest Mother, This is Thanksgiving Evening, & I am wondering if you got…”

Sunday.  “Dearest Mother,—I was most happy to get your letter, even though…”

Sunday Night.  “Dearest Mother,—What do s’pose I did this afternoon?”

Sunday Night. [Arabella:  Just before Chsirtmas 1912]  “How very, very, very sorry I am that you’ve been ill!”

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother, Wouldn’t you feel pleased is you’d just had a check for $10…”

Wednesday Night.  “Dearest Mother & Helen,—I am going to send this letter by way of Helen, because I couldn’t get a letter off to the dear child on Sunday…”

“Dearest Mother and Helen,—Merry Christmas, even though it can only be Saturday night!”

[Arabella:  December 26, 1912]  “Dearest Mother & Helen—We are very near Lex. yet…”