de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 12. Letters to her family. September-December 1907

Letters to her family.   September-December 1907  .


Folder 12.  Letters to her family.   September-December 1907   13 items.

Indianapolis, Sunday.  “Mother dear:  I don’t know where you are, on this your birthday…”

“Dearest Mother; Are you better than ever today, even if you’re not trotting around…”

[Beginning is missing]  “I took my beautiful Andrea del Sarto down to be framed…”

“Dearest Mother; I have just this minute come in from seeing Laura Rice off to Greencastle!”

Thursday before dinner.  “Mother my dearie; there is no day quite like Sunday for writing to you, for then the spirit of leisure is upon me, but tonight…”

Thursday.  “Dearest Mother, I am glad you are going to leave…”

High School, Monday Afternoon.  “Dearest Mother—you know so well what it is to write in haste that I am sure you will forgive me for this belated letter.”

Thursday Evening, before supper.  ‘Helen, dear one, It is with a sense of relief that….”

Postmarked Indianapolis Dec 20 3 30 PM Ind.  [addressed to Mrs. George de Long            44 Butler Place Northampton Mass] Friday at School.  “Dearest Mother and Helen, I couldn’t get in a letter last night….”

Saturday Evening Ewing Hotel, Jackson. “Here I sit, as cozy as possible…”

Monday Evening, Dec. 22.  “Dearest Mother, dearest Helen, You will be glad to see that I have really arrived, of that I am right sure!”

Christmas Day, in the afternoon.  “This is the softest, mildest Christmas day I have ever known, my dear ones, far away in Massachusetts; a true Southern Christmas, where windows are open, and sunshine soft, and outdoors tempting you to walk…”

Sunday Evening, Hindman, Ky.  “Dearest Mother and Helen, The electric lights have just come on, so Antoinette and I are having a chance to write.”