de LONG – ZANDE PAPERS: Series I – Folder 10. Letters to her family. September [?]-December 1906.

Letters to her family.   September [?]-December  1906.


Folder 10.  Letters to her family.   September [?]-December  1906.   19 items.

“Dearest Mother and Helen:  It is good to think of you as settled in lovely Northampton…”

Monday Evg.  “My dearies:  My winter arrangements have begun in earnest…”

Thursday Morning.  “Dearest Mother and Helen:  No mail is collected from my corner…”

“My dears:  You need not address your next letter to me here, but I know you must be amused by my wandering address!”

Thursday P.M.  “Dears:  What a fine long newsy letter I had from Helen…”

“Dearest Mother and Helen:  Was it just an accident of the mails that no letter came…”

Thurs. afternoon.  “Mother dear:  My class are taking a test, and I am taking time…”

[Beginning is missing]  “one of hers, and we had a fine time.  The Marmons cracked nuts…”

Early Sunday Morning.  “Dear ones:  It is still early—that is, only a little after ten…”

Oct. 21. Sunday Morning.  “My dearies oh! Mother and Helen:  I am drying my hair…”

“Dearest Arabella:  I have been thinking about you so much, today…”

[Beginning is missing.]  “But I have not told you of Thanksgiving yet—only of the things running in my mind as I realize that Christmas is only three weeks off.”

Sunday Afternoon.  “Dearest Mother:  If I could have sent my thoughts off, you would have had a letter at least twenty-four hours earlier, for I have been thinking of you a great deal..”

[Helen:  1906]  “Dearies mine:  How long it seems since I heard from Mother…”

[Beginning is missing]  “when I go.  I am plunged in the business of making out marks!”

“Dearies mine:  Miss Locke has just gone—after a very pleasant call…”

“Train from Lexington to Jackson.  7.45 Sat. morning.  Dearest Mother and Helen:  I wonder if you would think this country as beautiful as I do—you with your souls trained to…”

Thursday Morning.  “To begin, dearest Mother and Helen, about where I left off—with the day before Christmas.”

“You all had been hoping I would have good weather for the ride, but I was glad it was cold and snowing when the train pulled in at Jackson.”  [Formal 36 page narrative about Christmas 1906 at Hindman Settlement School]