Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Biography
John Mullins Martin, PMSS Student & Trustee


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The John “Jack” Mullins Martin Correspondence covers the years from his admission to the Pine Mountain Settlement School, his years serving on the School’s Board of Trustees, until his departure to live in Texas. Born in Partridge, Kentucky, his family had close ties with the Settlement School through Katherine Pettit and and both he, his brother, William David Martin, and his Aunt, Mable Mullins, graduated from the institution.

  1. 1942 July 8.  John M. Martin Student Application Form. 01 image 
  2. 1942 July 8.  John M. Martin My Autobiography Form. [Prepared by the Alliance fir the Guidance of Rural Youth]  02-06 images
  3. 1942 July 8.  John M. Martin Home and Parents Record Form. 07-14 images
  4. 1942 January 21.  Malcolm Arny, Counselor to Jack Martin letter. 15 image
  5. 1942 August 5. Ida M. Martin [Mother] to Burton Rogers re:John M. Martin  16 image
  6. 1942 September 16.  [Burton Rogers] to Ida M. Martin announcing advancement to Sophmore year on admission. 17 image
  7. 1942 September 19.  Ida M. Martin to Arthur W. Dodd approving advancement of Jack Martin to Sophmore. 18-19 images
  8. 1942 [n.d. probably December]  Report on the progress of David and Jack Martin. Notes Jack “…is going through that ‘growing up’ period…”  20 image
  9. 1942 December 18. Jack Martin to Ida M. Martin, his mother. His first school report to parent. “The event which counted mosst in my life here at Pine Mountain was when Mr. Dodd, the Principal, told e that I was being pro-moted to the co-op class.”  21-24 images
  10. 1942 December 24. David ad Jack Martin note to Burton Rogers, principal about return to school on Dec. 27.  25 image
  11. 1943 July 1. Second semester report from [Burton Rogers ?, Principal] regarding Jack’s progress. “In these troubled days of war we realize more than ever our high responsibility to youth, because they cannot be protected entirely fro the backwash of total war….”  26 images
  12. 1943 May 27.  Jack Martin second semester report to Ida Martin, Mother. He notes that he was in a play, “Growing Pains” under supervision of Miss Keen. He notes,”In woodwork I have learned many valuable things which I expect will help me later in life…” and “The two things that have counted most in my life here this semester are the dancing trip to Berea and y election to the Citizenship Committee for next year.”  27-30 images [31 dup]
  13.  1943 December 30. [Burton Rogers, Principal ?] to Ida Martin. Adds a supplement to Jack’s analysis of his progress during term. 32 image
  14. 1943 December 16.  Jack Martin to Mrs. Ida Martin. Term report of progress. He notes the most interesting class was history as it kept him up to date on the war, geography and world leaders. Ethics class taught him the “more polite methods of discussion…” and community work assisting in teaching in near-by schools was helpful to some.  33-36 images
  15.  1944 May 30.  [Burton Rogers, Principal ?] to Ida Martin. The supplement report for the second term of Jack’s second year.  He notes that Jack excels in many areas … but that in Ethics class, according to his teacher, “Jack tried to turn the class into a discussion group concerning campus affairs. Failing that, he connived with Ray [Bird] to disturb the class … he apologized …” 37 image
  16. 1944 May 25.  Jack Martin to Ida Martin, Mother regarding progress for second term. He continues to enjoy History class but describes the Ethics class as a “complete flop for both me and the teacher.” The highlight of the semester was ranking high enough on the math achievement  test to take algebra and geometry. 38-43 images
  17. 1944 July 23. Jack Martin to Arthur Dodd, Principal advising him that he will be joining the Army Air Corps and requests to have 3 letters of recommendation.  44 images
  18. 1944 July 24.  Ida Martin to Student Counselor at Pine Mountain. She encloses check for $10 for entrance for Jack as well as dentist certificate and the doctor’s statement of vaccination for smallpox.  45 images
  19. 1944 July 25.  Burton Rogers, Counselor to whom it May Concern recommending Jack for the Army Air Corps. 46 image
  20. 1944 July 25.  [Burton Rogers] to Jack Martin notifying him that the requested letter[s] of recommendation have been sent but notes that he is puzzeled by the letter from Ida Martin with his next semester fees. He asks that Jack “set him straight on this.” He further says, ” I am sure you know what our advice would be if you felt the need of it, and I ca only add that we hope you will choose carefully and wisely.”  47 image
  21.  1944 July 23. Jack Martin writes to Burton Rogers: “I am joining the Army Air Corp[sic] and have to have letters of recommendation such as John Deaton had to have. I would like very much to have one from you. If you will write the letter remember in referring to me that the name is John.”  48 image
  22. 1944 July 27.  Burton Rogers writes to Whom it May Concern letter recommending John (Jack) for training in the Army Air Corps. 49 image
  23. 1944 July 30.  Jack Martin to Burton Rogers: “I’m very sorry if I gave the impression that I intended to join the Air Corp immediately. I am joining the Air Corp Reserve and won’t be called until I’m eighteen or have graduated. Thanks ever so much for the letter of recommendation,”   50-51 images
  24. 1944 August 1.  Burton Rogers to Jack Martin. :Thank you for letting me now so promptly about your intentions. I am glad that you are not leaving school…” Gives instructions for return to school.  52 image
  25. 1944   August 11. Jack Martin to Arthur Dodd. Apologizing for not being clear about returning to school and that he is enlisting in the Army Air Corp Reserve but will not be called until he is 18 years old. Notes the write-ups about the Air Corp in the Harlan Daily Enterprise and the Courier Journal (Louisville).  53-54 images
  26. 1944    August 26.  Jack Martin to Burton Rogers explaining that he can not come back to school early because he has to go to Louisville  to take a physical for the Air Corps.  55-56 images
  27. 1944   December 30.  Arthur Dodd, Principal to Ida Martin briefly reviewing Jack’s school work at PMSS. 57 image
  28. 1944    58-61 images
  29. 1944    62 image
  30. 1944    63 image
  31. 1944    64-65 images
  32. 1944    66-70 images
  33. 1944    71 image
  34. 1944    72 image
  35. 1944    73 image
  36. 1944    74 image
  37. 1944   75 image
  38.             76-78 images
  39.             79-80 images
  40.              81 image
  41.              82 image
  42.              83-84 images
  43.              85 image

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