SWIMMING POOL Site Dimensions and Photographs

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Site, Dimensions and Photographs

SWIMMING POOL Site, Dimensions and Photographs

Campus aerial view with swimming pool and main buildings. After 1939. [II_3_general_views_125_mod]

SWIMMING POOL Site, Dimensions and Photographs

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The Swimming Pool measurements, drawings, represented here were made when the pool was being removed following its deterioration. The photographs below depict the swimming pool throughout the history of the Pine Mountain Settlement School. 

The new millennium brought many changes to Pine Mountain Settlement including a succession of Directors, each with a distinct response to the environment at the School. While work on the built environment at the School is a never-ending function of the Director’s role, it is often governed by the native instincts and aesthetics of the individual. The removal of the central Swimming Pool was a point of considerable discussion preceding the decision to remove the structure by “burial.” 

Prior to the action of filling in the Pool, it was measured and photographed. These materials represent the efforts to document the location, the “footprint” of the Pool, and the surrounding land, vegetation, and other structures. 

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